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  1. Just thought I would let everyone know Gawesworth will be at the Greased Line Fly Shoppe down here demonstrating the new Rio products and some casting on the lawn. Come join owner Mark Noble at the shoppe Feb 1st and bring money to buy some of these new products, should be very informative, entertaining and fun. PS I don't have any affiliation with the Greased Line just thought we don't get a guy like Gawesworth down here very often and thought we should take advantage of this and welcome him to SW Washington.
  2. Simon is awesome. Extremely knowledgeable, very interesting and entertaining, and just as down to earth/friendly as they come. You guys will have a blast with him.
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  3. I really enjoy his teaching in the Rio videos. He keeps it simple, is clear, and adds entertainment and humor in between. I would like to meet him sometime.
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  4. Any particular city, street address???
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  5. Greased Line Fly Shop 5800 NE 88th St #101, Vancouver, WA 98665

    Simon's a great guy and an impressive caster.

    Even more impressive to me is that he's a great teacher of spey casting.

    Some of the things he taught me about 10 years ago are still some casting reminders I check when my Single Spey goes south.

    Wish I could go!



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