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  1. I recently bought a pair of Sims Guide wading boots, and as some of you may know, they do not come in half sizes. I tried on a smaller size, and I could feel my toe rub when I put forward pressure. I could imagine a nice blister after a long day wading the river. I ended up buying a larger size without trying them on (none in stock) figuring they would fit perfect. When I tried the larger size on (with waders intact), although they felt tight around the ankle, my heel would slip a little and my foot felt like it was swimming around.

    These are my first pair of nice wading boots, so i want to make them last a long time. Do you think once these are broken in, i will have a little more wiggle room in the smaller size?

    thanks for the input.
  2. *Simms. Spelled it wrong.
  3. I have the same problem with my Simms boots. The size I usually buy was just too short and the next size up too loose. Find a place that sells gel inserts and buy the best they have. They will take up the slack and make the boot feel a lot tighter on your foot. I wouldn't want to invest the pain in trying to make a small boot fit.

  4. You would probably regret buying the smaller size. I bought a pair of wading boots (not Simms) that were comfortable but just a tad snug in the store with waders and wooly socks on. After a few hours on the river I was ready to junk them because of sore toes. Buy a slightly larger size and experiment with gel inserts or various sock combinations to get a secure fit that doesn't move and rub when you walk. I wear a size 8 EE shoe, but the Simms wading shoe in a size 10 is perfect for me with some woolly socks to take up the slack.
  5. After selling wading boots for over 14 years, I would agree with the previous posters. Try to fill the extra room with an insert or thicker socks. I used to buy boots that were slightly too small and wonder why my feet were always cold?! Finally one February day at the reformatory hole on the Sky, I was standing at my truck rigging up with neoprene waders, two pairs of socks and cold feet…
    (My wife has several absurd ideas about why it took me so long to figure this out, but she is unreliable at best.)
    I wear a 9.5 or 10 in street shoes, 11 in Simms wading boots. One of my employees wears an 11.5 in street shoes and a 13 in Simms boots.
    My 2cents, go with the bigger size.
  6. Agreed! My street shoe size used to be 10.5-11.0, but as I've gotten up in years and most noticeable this past year, it's now 11.0-11.5. My current Simms wading boots are size 12 and I'm now looking to get a pair in size 13.

    I can't remember where I saw it, but there was some type of review on waders and wading boots in which it gave recommendation on boot based on the brand/model of boot and brand/model of waders. If I come across it again, I'll post it.
  7. Great. Thank you all for the info!

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