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  1. Not sure what is going on here. A couple of days ago my browser would time out when I tried loading the site. I thought it was just a site problem but then I noticed I could get at it on my phone. I have a vpn server I use for getting on my work sites, and when I turn that on I can get on to the forum no problem. Cannot get on when I turn the vpn off? Nothing has changed as far as I know on my end, but who knows with all of the updates that are always happening. Did anything with the site change?
  2. I have noticed the same thing on my computer. It started about last Wednesday. The site timed out, over and over again. I have IE for my browser. I loaded firefox, same result. I loosed up the firewall and all the security settings to see if that would help, it didn't. Asked my computer sharp friends and they are baffled too. The weird thing is that my wife's lap top can't access the site either. The common denominator is our wireless router. If I wire direct to the modem I get the site like normal real quick. Every other site on the net I access has not problem loading up, just WFF? I am totally stumped why a router might cause a issue only with WFF if that is the source of my trouble. Any ideas?

  3. Exact same thing here. Cannot get on with my spouse's computer either, but can get at all other forums and sites on the web.
  4. I had this same problem last week. I just about pulled out my hair trying to get it to load. Got a hold of Chris(the boss Chris) and he hooked me up. Now I'm good to go.Must be his new software. But what the hell do I know, I'm just an old man
  5. Well, you did something, it is working now! Computer voodoo.
  6. Thanks Chris!!!!!!!!!!! Life is good again.

  7. No problem. And I'm starting to nail down the underlying issue so these things should start to clear up.
  8. From my end, pinged the domain name ( and got address resolution from DNS (IP - but got no response from the IP. Now it pings fine.
    Sorry, I'm a network tech so I usually dig at least a little deeper.
  9. It's something that has been a trigger for many to be added to the firewall block list. Once on it, that's what you'll get. Until you're clear off the list anyway.
  10. Thanks Chris! Appreciate your help and the forum.
  11. And I thought I was the only person to which it happened. It's occurred the past two weeks, on Thursday and through Sunday. By Monday morning the issue is resolved. I was on the phone with Comcast, pissed as I could be because they had blocked the website. They found nothing wrong with the service and when I went to boot up the site, there it was. Same thing happened this past Thursday through Sunday. My son-in-law is a computer geek by trade and he came over to see what the problem was. He spent two hours and was also baffled. Again I was ready to call Comcast on Monday morning but the site was back up. It's something in the site set-up, like blocking you when you've been banned, apparently. Hope we can get it resolved soon.
  12. If you're having access issues from a device (your PC, mobile, etc) go to this site and then email me your IP address. I'll clear it soon after.
  13. Did all that you asked and now I'm up and running again. Thank you for the help Boss.

    I had this problem twice now the first time I was off for about four days. The last time I was cruising through the site and it locked up. I was away for two days.

    It lonely out there alone.
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  14. It could happen again. We're still looking into the cause. Appologies in advance if it does happen again, Jim. At least you will know not to worry if it's on your end and to just email me.
  15. I've been successful from my hand held, but not from my PC until tonight. That small screen has been a lot less fun to read. Thanks for the ongoing attention Chris.
  16. Managed to get on once last Wednesday then again last night. Locked up after a few minutes both times. Tried every day in between. Hopefully it's fixed now.
  17. Were you gone, away.

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