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  1. Need your input and/or help. Last month my 3.5 y/o Orvis Pro Guide waders started to leak on the inside seams high up on the legs while I was fishing the Green River in Utah. They were the old design; with the leg seams on the inside of the waders were they chafe when you walk. They have been redesigned and now the leg seams are on the back of the legs. The new design is now called “Pro Guide 3”. So I sent them in to Orvis for repair. Got a call from “Donna” in the repair department a week later saying that “They could not repair my waders but they would send me a new pair of Pro Guide 3 waders for free. I was very happy with their quick service. Ten days later a new pair arrives. Let me say that the reason I bought them in the first place was they were the only breathable waders that fit my big feet, size 14-15. The pair I bought was size 14 stocking foot which fit my Orvis Battenkill (rubber studded sole) Brogue size 15 boots. What I got from Orvis are size 12-13 stocking foot waders, too tight. So I call “Donna” at Orvis and she stated that the pair I sent in for repair was size 12-13, 2xl stout. She looked up the repair order to confirm the size. Also I told her the pair I had bought was bigger. She said that 12-13 was the largest they made in that wader. Even checked a 2005 catalog to confirm that was the largest size. I know that I bought a size 14, the 12-13 are to small. I have not worn a size 12-13 shoe since high school. I have no proof that what I sent in was a size 14 and “Donna” doesn’t have my old pair. I am going to Alaska in August. Any ideas? I would like to get something in a breathable wader stocking foot that fits. HELP!

    Thanks for your input.
    Rod Pabst
  2. I wore the Silver Labels for years and thought they were solid for the price. Like you, I wear a size 15. The other option is Dan Bailey's. The light weights are an incredible wader for the price, but I would try them on first. I don't think their dimensions are accurate, so mine are a wee bit snug. I'm currently wearing the new Orvis guide weights thanks to Leland. The feet aren't any too big, but they work and I love the waders. Most comfortable waders I've ever owned.
  3. I have also worn the Orvis Silver Label waders for a couple of years. My wader is a size 14 foot bootie and I wear a size 15 wading boot. The waders have worked well. Orvis just changed the top portion of the Silver Label waders to a more flexible material. No sure if it is any better than the old style. Check out the Silver label. I believe they still come in a bottie size 13/14.
  4. I have a pair of brand new dan bailey sz 14 long waders that I've used once. Problem is I've got some freakishly long torso and those waders fit me horribly. I haven't taken them back and it's been over a year. Damn procrastination. If you're in a bind and want some nice waders, drop me a pm and I'll make you a deal.
  5. dude....I am a large human too

    I bought a pair of WRIGHT AND McGILL waders, 2xl long and holy shit, the feet on them are enormus!

    I wear 14's and the feet would work for a 16. They are big and comfortable
  6. I checked out the Orvis Silver Label waders and Orvis stated that they would not be ready to ship until mid August. Thats when I go to Alaska. Also I am looking at the DB waders in my size. Thanks for all the info and help. This is one of the reassons I like this great site.

    Rod Pabst
  7. Same here. I bought a pair of Caddis waders two years ago - extra long (my foot size is 16). They have been amazing as far as fit is concerned, and the durability has been surprising. Over 40 trips on them, not one leak yet. I paid around 120. It was all about the fit for me, and these did the trick. Wright and McGill waders are workhorses too.
  8. you shouldn't have to "prove" anything like that, as you are the customer.
    with the new orvis waders you can return them or sell them and get what you want.

    simms has a "custom shop" where they can do special alterations, etc.

    you might check them out.

    A longstanding program from Simms, the Custom Stockingfoot Program allows a customer to select any of the standard neoprene stockingfoot sizes we offer to be applied to the best fitting wader upper. For example, our men’s medium wader comes standard with a size 9-11 stockingfoot. However, we recognize that not everyone fits this mold. If you need a size 12-13 stockingfoot on a medium wader, we are happy to accommodate you. In the end, an angler should never buy a wader to fit the foot instead of the body or accept an ill-fitting stockingfoot.

    This program is offered with any of the following Simms wader models: G4Z, G4 Pro, G3 Guide, G3 Guide Convertible, Headwaters Chest & Pant and Women's Headwaters.

    Simms stockingfeet are offered in the following sizes: Men’s 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17; Women’s 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10

    Simms stockingfeet are anatomically correct left and right feet and are made with high-density neoprene for superior durability. They also feature an hourglass seam design, which minimizes seam intersections in high stress areas and allows for greater ease of entry.

    Custom Stockingfoot Pricing: Add $50 onto the suggested retail price of the specific wader model.

    Terms of Custom Stockingfoot Program
    Waders may not be returned to Simms or an authorized Simms Dealer for refund or exchange. Simms reserves the right to modify or discontinue any part of the Custom Shop Program at any time.
  9. I have 2xl redington cpx waders that I picked up this winter, great freakin waders and fit my size 15's no problemo.
  10. Jason

    Thanks for the Simms Custom Shop info. For an extra $50 it is worth it to have the right fit. I will check them out too.

    Rod Pabst
  11. i have bloody great big feet as well, 14 EEEE and cabelas waders fit me just fine, they are a little snug when im wearing 2 pairs of big wooly socks but other than that i love my guide techs.
  12. Why don't you talk to Leland and see if he can get you a larger size in trade? Pretty good warranty to give you a free replacement after 3.5 years.

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