Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Swap full

    Size 18 or samller emerger patterns swap
    1 Kelvin -done
    2 Riseform-done recieved
    3 james.jimenez-done
    4 McNasty
    5 Rob Ast
    6 Chad Lewis
    7 Ron Eagle Elk- done & received
    8 Irafly
    9 Ron McNeal
    10 dryflylarry -done and received
    11 zen leecher aka bill w
    12 Richard Torres
    bonus tyer
    13 Mayfly Aviator

    due date March 30, 2013
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  2. absolutely
  3. Cool beans!!!
  4. maby i got just enough materials right now to crank out 11 size 18 CDC BWO emergers. how many flies were you thinking apiece? and number of tiers?

    edit: dunno if i could do a face to face.
  5. I might be interested but if it's a face to face.... only in Moses Lake and on the west side of the lake but still in 98837.
  6. 10 maybe 12
  7. I'm in if its one fly. not tryin to sound like a noob, but im ballin on a budget right now and don't think ill be able to get a second fly together in time and have just enough to do one fly apiece thats worthy of swapping with the tiers on here.
  8. Hey... I just got new glasses today with an extra strong reading glass section. I even have some small hooks.
  9. I would like to try this...
  10. I am not an expert though
  11. Hmm? Ok, but I'll warn you my emerger is not typical, but it works. I'm in.
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  12. I'm in.
  13. I'll get in on this one.
  14. If there's room I'll play.
  15. 1 fly 10 times
  16. yup im in. CDC BWO emerger
  17. in
  18. It wont be
    you in anyway?

  19. You missed me on the list. Unless my statement of it being a different pattern scared you away.
  20. Yep. I want to show you guys I can tie small flies also. Might be the lint fly emerger....

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