Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. never fished one of those style patterns yet James, i dig em!
  2. Parachute material is still being debated. Also the distance between the fly and the parachute indicator..
  3. Parasol style flies work really well in a couple of spring creeks I fish. White polypro makes a pretty easy to spot parasol.
  4. Ok here we go.. This is what I'm going with..

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  5. very cool
  6. That's gonna be a killer on the water. Nicely tied.
  7. All day on CQ.. I'm done.. I hope these catch fish, please let me know if you use them and if they produce.. I need a mailing address to get these out..

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  8. Geez... two sets done and I haven't even picked a pattern yet.
  9. James those are GREAT
  10. Why???? Oh why didn't I check the forum earlier to see this swap??? If someone drops out please consider me on the wait list.

    Looks like a great swap with a bunch of talented tyers...looking forward to seeing the rest of the patterns.
  11. since James did the same thing I did and tied 12 not 11
    (dont need to tie one for yourself)
    everyone ok with making one more spot?
  12. Kelvin, Update your first post and add the amount of flies each tyer needs to send in. There won't be any questions that way. 12 flies works for me. I'm giving thoughts of going with one of Hans's patterns.
  13. Kelvin,

    I sent 12 as well, your call on the extra spot.
  14. Mayfly looks like your lucky day
  15. one mores just fine for me.
  16. what is it?
  17. Midge Emerger tied upside down on a thin wire scud hook.
  18. Excited to be a part of this swap. Thanks all.
  19. cool
  20. Flies are done.

    kelvin, I know I just mailed a bunch of crane flies but I no longer have your address. Your "host" bonus fly is yet another cranefly pattern, a CDC bodied beauty stolen from Hans' website.

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