Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. If your near the Big Lost try out Birch Creek along highway 28 out of Idaho Falls. Nice little spring creek with rainbow's, cutts and browns. Not a lot of big fish, but lots of fun fish.
  2. I tied up my first emerger today. Only 11 more to go. I'm doing Hans' stuck shuck midge as it looked like something I could use out here in the Basin. I had to do a couple of adaptions as I didn't have every "ingredient" Hans had.
  3. Hey Kelvin.

    Need your mailing address update. I moved, and have a new address also. -DFL
  4. Also ready for address
  5. A beautiful area indeed.

    Halfway done with mine. Should be ready to send them out by this weekend.
  6. OK. PMD Emergers ready for mailing! I cheated. The Daiichi 1251(b) size 18 hooks look like 16's!! :cool::D
    But this is what they got me on the Salmon River:
  7. stopped fishing long enough to finish, need address.
  8. Very nice Larry!
    Cannot wait to receive the fly you tied.
  9. My Stuck Shuck Midge's aren't turning out the way I want. I have 6 done and think if someone looked close they would see 6 different versions of the same pattern. I'm switching to an RS2 emerger and should get them finished quickly.
  10. I have 11 PED emergers complete. I'll tie up the rest tonight, do some QA, and be ready to send them out tomorrow. Please send me your address Kelvin.
  11. Flies were mailed today.
  12. I tied my first replacement fly today, a #18 RS2 gray emerger. I can do 12 of these and have them all look alike.

    I will mail around the 29th or 30th as I'm working on our fly club annual banquet tonight.

    PM (or conversation) me with mailing info, please.
  13. Barr Micro Emergers are done. Later than I wanted, but I've been hard down for two days with the f#$king flu. I did them in BWO colors, size 22. An address please and I'll send them on their merry way.
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  14. I'm sorry, you will HAVE to skip the banquet Zen! :eek:
  15. If you're gonna give me crap I hope you tie nice looking flies for the swap.

    7 done and will ship tomorrow.
  16. That was a joke SON!!!! No, mine are crap, but they catch fish! So, you better cancel that banquet now for sure!
  17. I wasn't joking. I want nice looking flies from you. When I look at I want to know it's a PMD emerger tied on a large looking #18 hook. Cheezy flies need not apply.

    Oh, banquet's over. It was last night. I had most of the raffle prizes in my vehicle so I was wanted.
  18. I thought your Rocky Ford fish like "chezzy" flies. Darn....... :p :D
  19. DFL, please do not fret. My flies are headed out in this afternoons mailing. Sleep well tonight.

    Hmmm.... a cheese egg fly swap.... I like that idea.
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  20. Sounds like a swap for the carp. Great idea!

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