Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. mine will be sent today, last minute prolly.
  2. MIBE are complete but will be late.. I am sorry everyone.. I totally lost track of time.. I procrastinated so much.. Mail out Monday!!!
  3. haha no worries james. i lied yesterday, mine were sent earlier today.
  4. Dang.... and I thought I'd be the last one. I didn't even get them finished until the 28th.
  5. it ok it was a April fools prank I am keeping them all they are all so nice
  6. I'd like to think mine showed up last Friday or Saturday.
  7. No I have a pile of packages on my table waiting a few more
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  8. I know where you live......Nice try.;)
  9. Sorry everyone.. Mine are on the way!!!
  10. I'm out, sorry. I totally forgot about this one and I'm about to head out again for a few more days. I just saw Kelvin's PM and I was wondering why he sent me his address. Sorry folks, move on without me.
  11. That's too bad Ira, I was looking forward to receiving one of your flies. Where are you heading out to?
  12. I am going to be sending everything out with the flies I have in hand in the next day or so
    If I do not have your flies yet you are likely to get them back
    I have been waiting to get them all fiirst and it now loos like I may not so away they go...........
    tight lines everyone keep and eye on your mail box
  13. have you recived mine??
  14. Kelvin, I still need that address I asked for on the 27th. I forgot about mailing the flies this past weekend, so I won't hold that against you :) I will overnight them to you.

    Damn, I just saw that you live in Seattle. I coulda' dropped them off in person last weekend.....
  15. I'm a loser. I have lost the flies. I might have taken them with me this weekend to the West side, meaning to mail them from there. Anyway, I can't find them. Have to go to work right now, but I'll look again when I get home. Kelvin, let me know if it's okay to send them out tomorrow in case I find them. With what I have going on, I don't think I have time to re-tie soon enough for you to wait. I apologize everyone.
  16. any extra flies you happen to have from me are yours kelvin, atleast one for sure from Ira.
  17. Kelvin, What McNasty said. Any extras from me belong to you.
  18. thanks guys

    I love tying small flies but dealing with several dozen at a time was something

    I am pretty booked the next several weeks so they are all going out in next day or so

    if your flies were not in hand today they are headed back to you

    I had extras so I threw some into various envelopes so be careful when you open yours

    I did keep as few extras as invited

    all in all a great swap

    if you are for any reason unhappy with what you got PM me and I will give you Dry Fly Larry's mailing address and he will send you an autograph and a certificate suitable for framing

    Thanks everyone!
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  19. Huh???????
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  20. Larry you know they are all dying for an autograph

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