Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Just checked mail from yesterday... No flies... Got mine mailed out late but I think just in time to make the deadline..
  2. i haven't got mine. but i have no doubt about whether they'll show up or not.
  3. Got mine yesterday. Nice flies everyone. Thanks Kelvin for hosting.
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  4. Don't know about anyone else's, but mine haven't been mailed yet.
  5. those without return envelopes and postage have not been mailed yet
    been booked the last few weeks and have not been able to get to post office
    those with return envelopes and postage were sent
    the rest will go out shortly
  6. ok all in mail
    thank you to those who threw in some ca$h to cover cost of postage!

  7. just got mine, awesome job guys!
  8. If I don't get mine in the mail, I'm calling the FBI !!!!! :eek:
  9. Guess I am blind. Roomate left the mail out for me. Got them!! Awesome ties! Sweet! Thank you all. Subperbski! Nice swap Kelvin!
  10. Got mine today. So worth the wait. May be the best ties I've received in any swap yet.
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  11. Mine arrived today. Nicely done, folks. Kelvin, that little fly of yours is amazing. I'd fish it if I could see well enough to tie it on a tippet.

  12. get one of these
    I could not believe it worked when I first saw it
    I tried and everyone got one for Xmas ....except Larry
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  13. I've seen those, always wondered if they worked. Guess what's on my shopping list.
  14. Ron I was shocked how well it did work
  15. Just looking to see if my flies made in to your house on time??
  16. they did not
  17. Ok cool beans
  18. I know some of these were pictured during the thread, but I wanted to separate the flies from their tags so I could get them in boxes and still remember who tied what when I fished them later this year.

    I opened the windows to cool off my tying shed last night and discovered the flies all over my floor this morning from the overnight wind. I took photos today so I can file the flies away in my fly boxes and figured I'd post them here for future reference. Let me know if I matched one up incorrectly. Thanks again all for the great flies.

    Pale Evening Dun: Mayfly Aviator
    BWO Emerger: Ron Eagle Elk
    Purple Phase Emerger: McNasty
    RS2: Zen Leecher
    PMD Emerger: dryflylarry
    Snowshoe Emerger: Rob Ast
    WTF: Ron McNeal
    Knotted Mono Emerger: Kelvin
    Grannom Caddis Fly Emerger: Richard Torres
    Snowshoe Emerger: riseform
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  19. WELL DONE!
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  20. Did my flies ever make it to you?

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