size rod for king salmon?

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  1. Should I 12 wt or 1wt. It will be a dedicated king salmon set up. The reel I have is a new Abel 4.5N
  2. 10 weight is very common for kings, 9 on the lighter side and 11 on the heavy. Nice reel!!
  3. Just like tropical fish, it is a good idea to get a rod with a lifetime guarantee. Breakage is more than possible.
  4. I have used 9, 10, and 11wts for kings. The 9wt is a good way to lose a flyline or fight a fish past the point of exhaustion. An 11wt is a good tool to rip your shoulder out of its socket after 6-8 hours of continuous casting.

    I have landed hundreds of kings on a 10wt, and IMO the 10 is the way to go for singlehanders.

    When 2-handing, I use an ECHO KING 9wt - the TR 8/9 is a little smooshy.
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  5. 10 wt on a single and 9wt on a double handed rod.
  6. I would go with a ten weight myself. Up in Alaska, and on the Great Lakes tributaries, I have fished for King salmon many seasons, hooked and played lots of salmon. My biggest king on a fly was 47 pounds, and that was on a 9 weight single handed rod, a Sage RPLX. The rod was over stressed. And so was I. The fish fared much better. Today I like swinging flies with a two-handed salmon rod, or Spey rod as we call them here. And if I am fishing for Kings I will use a ten weight. Especially if there are wild fish in the mix, we want to be able to get them under control and "landed", and released quickly, without over playing them. This is something that I see too often, for salmon and steelhead fishermen- they overplay the fish. Wasn't it the great hunting adventure writer, Robert Ruark, who said; "Bring enough gun." There was a time when playing an landing fish on very light tackle, light tippets and smaller flies, was considered a kind of rite-of-passage. I think that too many fish get beat up that way.
  7. Thanks guys. I am going to place an order with FlyFishUSA for a new 10wt TFO Mangrove. I just didn't have a clue what I needed.
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