Skagit on Friday?

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  1. I would like to drift from Sutter Creek to HMSP on Friday anyone else interested? I'll be taking my 'toon, should be lots of Pinks and even Silvers available. I've done this drift many times, if you are available we can meet at HMSHP about 6AM. Otherwise I'll just get a shuttle. Let me know asap!
  2. I had plans to float the Skagit on Friday but I heard the water was still pretty murky even above the Sauk. I fished up there half a day Monday and must have caught 15 or so swinging my new two hander while by brother-in-law struggled with twitching jigs. My theory was my fly, swinging low and slow, was in the zone more than his jigs. Anyway, I had to work much harder than normal for the expected run size and time of year and chalked it up to water clarity. There were about 4 guys fishing at HMSP when I drove by to take a look at the river. Today I got invited to jet boat the Sky for pinks on Friday instead. My preference would be to float the Skagit but I'd want more visibility if I went that route. I have never done that float...seems kinda short. Were you thinking more like a half day?

    PM sent...pretty interested.
  3. Half day is just about right before it gets too hot. Water up there should be good visibility, it was last week.

  4. I can't find any shuttle service up there, looks like all listed services are not operating any longer. I could do a Saturday run if anyone is interested. Really want to put my old 'toon in the river, so if you are available just let me know. If anyone knows of a shuttle service still operating up there please let me know.
  5. The Rockport Country Store used to offer shuttle.
  6. Bob at Clark's Cabins?
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! Are you asking for someone to ride along with you on your 2 person boat or would I have to bring my own? I could come Saturday if you don't mind a relative newbie tagging along.
  8. Cascadian,
    Sorry I did not see your post earlier. I was already asleep at the time because I got up early to go on up to the Skagit and just bank-it. I can't go back up now on Saturday or I'd sure take your offer, newbie is no problem!. I want to take my one person 'toon so you'd need your own.
    I did catch quite a few Pinks though and had a good time at it too. I might be able to do a drift with you on the 21st or 28th, if you are interested.
    Also thanks Gregg & Hyde for the shuttle tips, haven't checked with them yet.

  9. I noticed today that the rafting place at the stop sign in darrington has a sign on the window saying they do shuttles. I have no idea what locations they'll do but it might be worth a call if looking for a shuttle service.
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  10. Couple of questions.
    1) Is the Sutter Creek launch still there? last year I tried to find it and it looked like it washed away.
    2) how's the float - anyone done it this year?
    3) thinking about doing Marblemount to Rockport soon - too long for a full day with newbies?
  11. The Sutter Creek launch is still there. The road down to it is rough and requires a bit of caution to stay out of the low spots. The launch itself was in good shape when I was there about a month ago.
    I've only floated from there down recently. Nothing major to report as far as river changes.
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  12. I did Marblemount to Rockport last Sunday. The fishing was slow, but the river is certainly fast enough to cover that distance in a day. We took our time and stopped to fish a lot. We were on the water from 10 AM to 5 PM.

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  13. Just FYI for anyone taking 530 that way. I got a speeding ticket from the sauk-suiattle tribal police last week. Them actually patrolling the highway and stopping people seems like a recent thing. I've blown by them countless times and this was the first time they stopped me.

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