Skagit Pinks

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  1. What's up, my angling compadres.

    Hoping to get your advice on Skagit pinks.

    --Thinking about drifting Marblemount to Rockport in the next few days--what do you think, too far up? Or will there be fish?

    --How far in to Sept. can the Skagit be productive for pinks?

    Thanks, all, for any info. Cheers!
  2. Check the flows before going. Should be coming down and coming into shape, unless more rain comes. Might want to check the regs too. Not sure if it is open to targeting pinks at Marblemount yet. And even if it is open, I would not expect them to be worthy of table fare so probably a C&R situation, which is fine too.
  3. Thanks for the info, BDD. Much appreciated.
  4. If you plan to target pink salmon, the closer to tidewater, the better. By the time they reach Marblemount, it should be embarrassing to fish for them.

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  5. Don't know about the river up high but I drove by the river in Burlington today and it looks like you could float it without a boat. Likely the worst condition I have seen the river in at this time of year. It looked like coffee with mocha mix in it.
  6. Good to know. Thanks for the intel, KerryS!
  7. I floated Baker to birdsview on Thursday, and it was DEAD. And I mean completely dead. Did that drift two weeks ago and lost count of the fish we caught in pretty short order. Thursday, we netted 6 fish all day. The tribes have been netting quite a bit, and it's showing. We hardly saw any rollers or anything.
  8. Thanks for the info, Evan.
  9. I was fishing just above Rockport on 9-11-01, the river was filthy with them that day. I've fished that area many times in early Sept and have found TONS of fish. The run just down from Swift Creek, and then of course the mixer run are my favorite areas. Some of the fish will be humped up fairly well, but there are lots of nice fish too.
  10. Thanks for the info, Hyde; mucho appreciated
  11. "Oh yeah, that will smoke up just fine." Famous Concrete fisherman quote.
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  12. It's puked below the Sauk. Lots of pinks above.
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  13. The meat shakes right off the bone!!!!
  14. I fished the Skagit Monday, both below and above Sedro Woolley. The water was muddy, around ten inches of vis. Plenty of pinks breaching within easy casting distance from the shore. Some even took my flies.
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  15. No smoker required Kerry as they are already smoked. A box of crackers will do.
  16. Founding Member - 2013 Pink Plague Opposition Party ... that's pretty funny, man
  17. I would like to do the SutterCreek to Howard Miller run on Friday, anyone else? I will be in my toon if you are available let me know. Plenty of Pinks and perhaps Silvers? Otherwise I'll do the shuttle thing.

  18. Sauk mouth on Tuesday...
    And it looks about the same now.

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  19. Don't look for the Sauk to clear until the weather cools off and the freezing level drops.

    The river color above the Sauk looks like a nice steelhead/salmon "green" and should fish well.


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