Skagit shuttles

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  1. None of the numbers work on the main page. Anyone have a reliable shuttle also what is the name of the launch between marble mount ant Howard miller?
  2. I call it Sutter creek - that is the run just below that launch - there should be a number of eagle watchers there now and they do the float down to Howard Miller Steelhead Park - more traffic on that beat now because of them.

    I don't have a shuttle on that system anymore - sorry

    Edit - yes that is Sutter Creek, sorry my bad
  3. Just thumb it get to meet some characters and stuff...we've never had to leg it, plus saves you some money.
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  4. Jackman Creek is by Concrete. The launch above Rockport is Sutter Creek, or sometimes called Swift Creek because it's also nearby.
    Clark's Cabins might do shuttles. The Rockport store might have a contact for shuttles too. Somewhere on here I posted the number for the rafting outfit in Darrington. They advertise shuttles but I don't know what areas they'll do.
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  5. We were thinking marble out to shutter creek. First time floating the skagit. Sound fishy at all?
  6. As of Monday, fishing on the upper Skagit was slow, especially for steelhead. Some bull trout around though. The rough launch upstream of Rockport is Sutter Creek, immediately downstream of the road side pullout and parking eagle viewing area.

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  7. Salmo any float u would recommend?
  8. Rockport to Faber's Ferry or go all the way to the Baker River at Concrete. Or Birdsview to Hamilton. But steelheading is probably slow on every stretch of the river right now.
  9. Clark's Cabin was doing shuttles back in November.
  10. Now that I live in Mount Vernon I'm down to help folks shuttle for a free boat ride and a little gas money. I'm not a rower but eager to learn. Hell, I'll row a few full floats for the experience. Got a FJ Cruiser, so anything up to 4,000 pounds is do-able :)

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