Skating Flies for Trout...?

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  1. Will it work? Has anyone tried it? Watched a video of a guy doing it in Europe and saw him hook up. Got me thinking of tying up some mini skaters for the fall when the trout are binge feeding. I think they would be a blast to chuck on my 5wt Beulah!
  2. absolutely ! especially when they have caddis or stoneflies on the menu. dont be afraid to go as much as 5-6 sizes bigger than the naturals.
  3. It's my favorite way to fish. Nothing beats a big trout running down a skated fly. On the small streams it often works better than the dead drift.
  4. Well hot damn you all got me motivated. Looks like I've got a skating fly to invent. Hmmm....

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  5. Last year was really my first year fly fishing and I caught a lot of trout by skating flies. When I first started doing it, I didn't know it had a specific name and that it wasn't the normal way to fish for trout. I just thought it was fun.
  6. Great for cutts
  7. I agree completely with Blake.

    My favorite method of fishing for SRC is using a red butt, deer hair muddler, that is riffle hitched and skated. Mend it into, and then skate it away from any woody log jams or debris.

    You can cover a lot of river very quickly with that setup.
  8. Not really a skater , but a swung skid bitch can work wonders .

    PS ... This is not my fly .
  9. Yes and yes.
  10. Well hell lets kick this thing off proper then. Id like to see some trout skaters. Just scoped some steelhead caddis out at PSFC and got an idea of what im looking at. I assume downsizing a bit would be just the ticket. They also had a couple cool ones that look like boats.
  11. morrish mouse, mini hankey, fuzzy wuzzy, small ska-opper, greased muddler, big goddard.......stay away from the super bulky mice, and big hooks for better hooking ratio (sz 6 or smaller) use a loop knot. its not about the pattern so much as the wake. definately an art to it. watch john hazel and scott howel vids.
  12. This is what I use to skate up trout on the Clearwater in Idaho. I fish a fairly short line dead drifting it down then skating in the surface film back up. It is a killer pattern where caddis hatches are good.

    The pic was taken from Steve Raymond's book Kamloops. A very good read by the way.

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  13. I like skating dries for trout best in summer evenings, especially in riffly water. Stimulators work really well.
  14. october caddis skaters. westslopes will crush them
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  15. I use a turks turantulla for sea runs. I will also strip it across the surface of eddys for some pretty violent takes.
  16. 383103_4764466512099_1052800361_n.jpg
    This worked on Sunday
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  17. Just don't use a skated caddis imitation when the spotted sedge is out on the Missouri, Big Hole, Big Horn, Yellowstone, Bitterroot, Blackfoot, or Clark's Fork rivers. For if one does use a skated imitation of a spotted sedge on these (and many other rivers such as the upper Delaware in New York and Pennsylvania, or even the Yakima) rivers one may be surprised by the number of trout one will hook.

    Naw. On second thought, one should never use a skated spotted sedge imitation every on any river because everyone knows that fish get spooked by drag and a skating fly has so much drag it isn't funny.
  18. The first time I saw this work was the fist time I fished the Yakima. We were drifting and I tossed a Royal wolf under a tree into water slower than we were drifting, as drag set in and the fly was dragged out, a bug bow began chasing the fly slashing at it with abandon. It was quite exciting, to say the least.
  19. I sort of fell into this a few years ago on Fish Lake near Cheney. Caught bass on dries as I was unintentionally skating them in. I switched to a very large Sofa Pillow (see attached) perhaps size 4 or 6. Caught several 12-14 inch brookies on that fly.

    If a 12 inch brook trout will chase a skated fly that big I know it works. I'll skate what I have now from time to time and it definitely works for me. Dito on the Stimulators too.

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