Skinny water close to home.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JasonG, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. DSCF3313.JPG DSCF3316.JPG DSCF3311.JPG DSCF3304.JPG DSCF3322.JPG I headed out this moring guessing it was going to rain so I tried a small river near my house that I had not fished yet. The day ended up being great. The weather turned around and the fish were bitting! Here are a few pics from the day. I caught alot of very small cutts and some small rainbows aswell. I also ran into a few gold paners. I hope you all have a good weekend. JasonG View attachment 33116 View attachment 33116

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  2. Sorry if the pics are jacked up. Its my first post using pictures
  3. Awesome pictures JasonG! Days like that are the best!

  4. Beautiful morning....I live skinny water like that.
  5. Sure beats what I did, I cut the grass.

    Great pictures and nice day also. Fish on a small rod look like fun.
  6. I'm gonna go get the words "Skinny Water" and "dry side and wet side" copy righted(isn't it funny that you can say this word but your dumber that hell on spelling it right). I think that I coined those phrases.

    I've been around too damn long.
  7. One more thing. Make your pictures smaller on your camera. They will load as thumbnails but still come out full sized.. I do it that way because I'm to dumb to change.
  8. Love it. Is that a redington tempt rod you're sporting?
  9. Nothing like skinny water, thanks for sharing Jason.
  10. Yeah I got the tempt. I didn't know they were going to bring back the CT.
  11. I have the 4 wt tempt and am very happy with it. Never had the ct to compare it with though
  12. I have the 4 wt tempt and am very happy with it. Never had the ct to compare it with though
  13. Is there an echo in here.
  14. What section did you try below or above the bridge?
  15. Above the bridge. Have you checked it out?
  16. Yes sir
  17. It's just keeps going! I cant wait to explore more. Have you gone in pretty far?
  18. I've walked pretty far I haven't this year tho
  19. Nice work, and photos, Jason!
  20. thanks for sharing..

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