Skykomish Steel - Egg Patterns?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by SmokinAces, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. I floated the Sky from Sultan to Monroe last week. Boy is it low and the water is clear!!! I saw lots of fish (mostly dollies) all along the tailouts. My question it too early to be going to beads and egg patterns without a lot of salmon in the river?
  2. Throw one out there, then tell us if it's too early or not.
  3. That's my plan CLO - going to hit it up on Saturday. Just wanted to see how many peachy king patterns I should have in my box! ;)
  4. ESL's purple/black, purple/olive, pink/black, chartruese/black
  5. Right on Porter - you fish that on the dead drift on stripping it?
  6. You sure those were dollies and not suckers? Not a lot of dollies/bulls in the sky and especially that stretch IMO. Tons of suckers and whitefish in there and they love to hang in the flat stretch towards the tailout in big pods. The give away with bull trout is the large white tipped pectoral fins.
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  7. You know Sean, that is a damn good point. I guess I'll tell you if they were a bunch of suckers when a catch a few. Some of those looked like good size fish though....hmmmm you really got me thinking now.
  8. Both. Fish with a floater and long leader or Sink Tip 3 line and 3-5' 8# leader...all depends on depth/current and sometimes the gear I brought to the river tells me what to use.
  9. Sweet - I'll report back how it goes. Anyone else planning on hitting it up this weekend?
  10. Nope, I draw the line at pinks. Suckers don't get me up at 3am!
  11. LMAO - Oh common - those suckers smoke up great and are fantastic on the BBQ. Don't knock it until you try it!
  12. I have to agree with Sean. There are a really low (in comparison to most PNW rivers) population of dollies in that river system.
  13. Okay - well here comes the report..... I didn't catch shit, at least with eggs patterns at the tailouts! I tried a bunch of different nymphs too, no luck. Only fish I hooked all day was a 4lb jack king swinging a purple egg sucking leach. Thanks Porter!!!!
  14. At least you caught a king jack!

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