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  1. Sad, but true. Although, I "think" most small towns fall into the category as mentioned above. I grew up in Spokane (big or small?), my wife a town of 3500. I'd live in the town she grew up in any day. We almost considered moving there at one time. The town 15 to 20 miles away... not if you payed me to live there!

    This is a big reason we almost moved to a small town for our kids. I tell guys today that I played three sports (football, basketball, baseball) and they think I was a super athlete or something, simply because I was allowed to do so. <- WHAT!? I guess now-a-days (in bigger towns/cities), a kid has to play one sport (year-round) or he is "ostracized" from the team. In a small town, if you don't play more than one sport... they may not have enough to build a team for the other sports! ;) Not to mention the camaraderie you build with your friends/teammates.
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  2. A couple of years ago, someone asked what I liked best about living in a small town. I replied that I like the fact that the Police Chief knew me by my first name, and that him knowing it was a good thing.
  3. I lived in Silver Star for two years. We didn't have a police force of any kind. We had a small store/ post office. Not much of anything else. We had a few grouchy neighbors but most of the others were friendly. Population was about 125 souls. Maybe a few dogs and cats thrown in.

    If you have ever been down highway 41 in Montana you have driven through that wide spot in the road. Talk about quiet. You could almost hear the grass grow.
  4. I liked growing up in a town of 3,000 to a point. I loved the outdoor opportunities, being able to leave doors unlocked, and knowing all of my classmates in school. I hated the gossip and snooping, the lower academic standards and the school being able to cater to students in the upper echelon, the lack of non labor related jobs, and lack of "cultural exposure".

    Like Jason, I have found incredible people all over Seattle, I know all my neighbors by first name and we all say hello to each other when we pass by. Everyone needs to find a place that matches their personality, and I can tell you that 3,000 people isn't where mine rests.
  5. I love living in a small town. No traffic lights. Every one knows every one. The summer fair. People helping people. Not stuff I saw growing up in even a moderate sized town.

    As for values, I've rarely seen any real correlation between the values people profess and those they practice. Most honorable people I know don't talk about it.
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  6. So if you don't believe the Westboro Baptist Church, you should just ignore them?
  7. ......
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  8. Pretty much! Most of us know each other anyway. The problems we do have are almost always caused by the big city idiots and their big city attitude. The sheriff's response time is very good! it's mostly parking issues here, blocking driveways and such. There's not a lot of parking options, and we know if we need to get to town, to leave before 9am on the weekdays, earlier on weekends to find a place to park. Fortunately there's really no need to go to the core of town. There's few stores we need to shop at-they're all boutiquey places.
  9. What was that movie-"Needful things" or something like that? "God Damn Baptists"! was a line in it, spoken by the Catholic priest, I think.
  10. Common courtesy and honesty are two values I place high on my list and both aren't practiced as much as I prefer in the Seattle area. Ever get a flat tire or break down on the side of the road in Seattle? 5000+ cars will pass you before someone stops if anyone ever does.
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  11. If you want to lump everyone who makes a prayer, together with that church, then that's your choice. If so, that means you have a problem with Martin Luther King, the Muslims, Mother Teresa, Native Americans, etc. They all make/made prayers to God.

    Now, if they tried to shove God down your throat, or convert you on the spot after the prayer... then yeah, I'd have a problem with it too.

    However, all that was given was a prayer. Again, if you don't like it, just ignore it.
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  12. Made a lot easier to do by members of that group not cleaning up their own house. Or Church, if you will. The lumping may not be fair, but the unwillingness to be more critical of what's going under/inside the "Christian" umbrella than what's going on outside it is a part of the reason they all get lumped together. (You know, the whole spec of sawdust/plank of wood bit.)

    I'm assuming you feel the same way about everything else that everyone else believes or choses to do? (Say, sexual expression, "profanity," etc.) The 'just ignore it bit' misses the point but I'm generally willing to go along with it so long as long as my tax dollars aren't involved. If they are involved and religious expression in any form is as well, than I find that impossible to ignore.
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  13. I would sooner see my tax dollars used in supporting Christmas activities than a "winter holiday". If someone doesn't want their tax dollars spent on any religious expression, then I don't want mine spent on a frickin' politically correct, don't offend anybody for goodness sake, holiday festivity or some other lame excuse for a renamed, sanitized holiday.

    I'm quite sure I will get a like from Alex on this one.
  14. How 'bout we quit wasting money on either then we can all do whatever we like.
  15. But... then how will I force everyone to live by my standards?
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  16. Hey, I'm all for a "decorating the fly rod" yule time activity.
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  17. This is an outstanding idea. Don't forget to dawn the traditional banana suit for the occasion.
  18. No banana suits as bananas aren't meant to be pear shaped.
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  19. I miss the small town thing as well. We lived in Enumclaw for a while a few years back. Never had to worry about anything in our little appartment complex. I think we were the youngest residents....
    Just the old ladies thinking I kid napped my kid cousin that was in town from Alabama visiting all the family...

    If I had to choose a small town to live in, it would be Pinedale, Wy. My wifes Aunt lives there, she only locks her doors when she goes out of town. I think the deer and moose out number the people 3-1... She said more people have moved in since big oil has crept in, but it still has the small town feel. When we went a few years back, I think I got 10 waves from old guys in pick up trucks in a two block walk from the creek back to her house. I am thinking it was because I was packing the fly rod, but proly not... I could just see all the old timers just waving at everybody. It is kinda nice... I would smile, and return the wave.
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