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  1. They can take one hell of a beating, not that you really want them to. Most holes seem to occur when not on the river. Stupid crap like storing it right next to the wood stove in the shop. Aire, Maravia, and NRS all have excellent rafts/cats and warranty programs. I've been especially impressed with Aire's warranty and customer service.
  2. The shorter waterline on my mini-drifter no doubt inhibits its glide after each stroke, but it is much lighter than a 16'x54" boat, too. The bottom of my mini is 7.5'x45" I'm not sure that I would call it a "pig," though. I would describe my boat as "squirrelly," due to its handling characteristics.
    Due to some repair work on it, it weights in at around 130 lbs.
  3. Haven't been reading this thread, but I'd look at the 12' McKenzie that Ray's River Dories makes, and makes kits for if you're a wood chuck. Just more grist for the mill. They (Ray & Cy) do outstanding work.
  4. I will make you a smoking deal on my willies drifter 16x54. Very clean and always stored inside or covered. I have pics posted on this site.
  5. Anyone have any experience with the Koffler whitewater prams? They seemed like they might be a good match?

    Also - NRS has a three-man, self-bailing, inflatable drift boat that might fit the bill, but unfortunately it goes for $6K, and the hull alone weighs 120lbs, and the package weighs 330lbs assembled.
  6. X2; I have a 14' RMR Cat and the tubes are bomber. Different manufacturers have different thickness and construction (glued vs. welded), but as Ray stated, you are unlikely to hole them on the river. One other advantage to a raft (or cat) is they'll go in some skinny water you'd not want to take a drift boat in. Example, the Sandy from Dodge Park upstream is not recommended for drift boats but I ran my cat up there at 1600 CFS last month with no problems; a drift boat would've been hammered. That said, I like the looks of the smaller DB's.
  7. Hey, thanks all for the great suggestions. I am still searching, and trying to make up my mind. Still not sure to go with the smaller drift boat or raft. Either way, need to make a decision soon before the summer!
  8. How & where do you plan to store this boat? Inflatables can be a pain. If left inflated, keep in mind the pressure variable due to changes in temp & altitude. Outside, subject to UV damage over time. Small toons can be hung from the ceiling & left partially inflated. They bounce off rocks and can be drug over rough terrain. Wood boats also take a beating left outside. Fiberglass will hold up better, but it too will start showing it's age after a couple of years left uncovered. Alum is virtually indestructible. Store the boat upside down or lean it up against the house. It doesn't care. Put a Rhino liner in the truck bed & you're good to go..
  9. I have some room in my garage for storage.
  10. Anyone know much about the 12' Willie Drift boats?

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