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  1. Well im abit fatigued looking for sunglasses, seems i cant get my hands on a pair i want to try, and am only able to research forums and search/order by internet. i took a leap of faith and ordered a pair of Smith Guides Choice, and as soon as i opened the box, i knew i screwed up. They are too small for me, looks like i stole them from a little kid, atleast on my fat face anyways. i think they are made for guys weighing about a buck50. I did however take them for a walk on a lake, with my other sunglasses, and i will say this, they are the best damn glass i have ever looked thru, amazing. sucks that they are too small for long story short, i am looking at some Costa Del Mar models.

    Anybody know where in king county i can go to find the largest selection, or even the largest selection of any high quality fishing sunglasses that i can actually get my hands on? I'm still open minded. (sorta.)
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  2. I just went on Smith's website and used their store locator. Here's the link: It was set at a 20 mile radius. Even though it's not in King County, Puget Sound Fly Company may be worthy of a phone call. I seem to remember they had a good selection of Smith Optics.
  3. Before you buy anymore glasses look at Natives. They are light, comfortable and the polarizing on them is amazing. The best part might be that they are somewhat affordable so when they fall in the drink it isn't the end of the world. The best selection of glasses that I have found in store is twofold. One is the downtown REI. They have (at least the last time I went in there) Smith, Oakley, Naitve, Julbo and a few other brands on hand. The other place is Bellevue Square Mall. Between Sunglass Hut, the Oakley store and the other glasses stores that they have in there almost all options are covered. Native's warranty is awesome too.
  4. take a peek at Revo's. I had a pair and they fit my big ol' dome and face quite well
  5. I'm not sure about their other series (Evolve, Woodgrain, Blackout, etc...), but I believe the Premium Optics line, including models such as the Guides Choice, use TLT technology among other things that a lot of people have noticed make a big difference.
    If you've noticed that you like the lens, but the frame is too small, consider emailing them and see if you can return it and/or exchange it for the Chief model. They are a little bigger in profile and look pretty good on most people.
  6. Fishgillz.. Affordable polarized protection
  7. well....i answered my own question, and after a phone call to check for availability, I went to Cabelas, and for the first time, their store actually had what i was looking for...I got the Costa Double Haul in 580 glass. i was impressed at the selection there. if you are looking for Costa, Maui Jim, Oakly's or Smith (which includes their Guides Choice), they have them, atleast the ones in their catalog. Thanks all for the tips.

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