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  1. Alex MacDonald

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    There's a little smokehouse in Trinidad, CA, that does only pure fish with smoke (no additives whatsoever), called Katy's Smokehouse. Trinidad's a tiny community on the coast above Arcata, holding maybe 300 people on a good day. We've shopped there before, but this time we came back with a bag of their smoked scallops. Here's my recipe:

    Sautee minced garlic to taste in butter in a saucepan, add 2 tablespoons of Wondra flower for the roux. Add 1/4 cup sake, mix, remove from heat, and let sit so the flavors will combine. Dice 1teaspoon of shallots, and 2 tablespoons of Shitake mushrooms, a teaspoon of green onion and parsley (to remove the bitter taste of parsley, chop it up and wrap it in a few paper towels, and put it under the faucet in the sink. Alternately soak and wring the towels out until the liquid is no longer green, and you've gotten rid of the bitterness). Dice up the entire bag of scallops.

    Once this is all done, bring the pot back to the heat and add about 1 and 1/4 cups of whole milk, maybe a little more, and bring up to a slow boil, almost a simmer after adding the rest of the ingredients. Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste. You want the sauce to be a thin sauce, but still have a gravy-like consistency. Serve it over linguini, with a dry champagne.

    Katy's Smokehouse in Trinidad, CA. Can't recommend their products highly enough! and they DO ship.
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  2. Patrick Gould

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    I've passed by that place. That's a strange stretch of country between Crescent city and Eureka.
  3. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    so true! I think the redeeming quality is that there's no vampires running around, like Forks.:eek: It's beautiful though, especially just south of Crescent City in the redwoods.
  4. Bradley Miller

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    That sounds amazing; can you whomp that up for a lunch
    when we fish Hood Canal? That'd be great. You could probably charge
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    I know when I was over the in the UK, there were a few smokehouses that produced some of the best smoked salmon (well, atlantics that is LOL) and other of their fish by doing the same method. No extra seasonings, salts, brines, etc, just the quality fish tossed into the smoker. I keep my fish to a bare minimum. But do like to make a "salmon candy" sometimes, making it sweeter.
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    So, ye bonney Lad, aire ye sayin' I should wear m'self a bit o' garlic necklace, an' tote a crucifix, hammer wit' wooden stakes should I find m'self atravellin' thru Forks?

    Next. I intend to Google "Katy's Smokehouse" (named like me own charmin' darlin' Daughter . . . cannae be a bad t'ing a'all methinks.).
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    Ye got tae learn tae rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll yer "arrrrs", me boyo!
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    And I ken w'at ye be sayin', Alex. I'll be worrrrkin' on me rrrrrr rrrrrrrrollin' henceforrrth. T'anks, MacDonald!
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    `S Math Sin! A bit o` the Gaelic fur ye, lad... pronounced " smashin`", as in "simply smashin"... It's the brit bastardization of the three Gaelic words meaning "it's good, that". I'd say "sma-shin". Surprisingly, there's so much stuff out there that they've taken from the Gaelic, it's kinda like an involuntary facial tick these days. Like the ever-present "hoot, mon", when anybody thinks of a guy in a kilt. Spelled "dhut", means "indeed".:cool: