Snoqualmie river bugs 6/16/13

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  1. I was pretty far up the river yesterday (elev. ~2300) and spotted a bunch of insect activity. Yellow Sallies, size 14 tan caddis, and what I think were PEDs were out and about. I also found a few of these guys:
    2013-06-16 12.48.26.jpg

    I also spotted a couple dozen large mayflies, maybe size 8-10, brown color with 2 tails (or a very small middle tail not visible from 3 feet) each split 45 degrees off midline. The tails were about 1.5-2x the length of the body. They were flittering 6-15 feet above the stream, never landing on anything and always remaining out of reach. I started noticing them about 6:30 and the hatch increased until we left around 7:30. Any guess on what they could have been?
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  2. Hi Gary-

    First the stonefly, which I have cropped so it can be better identified:


    Now, as to the mayflies you described. Did they look like this?

  3. I was never able to see one at rest or any closer than about 2 feet, but yes it did look quite a bit like that.

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  4. Hi Gary-

    Well, the photo I provided was of an Amemetus male imago, which has a common name of Brown Dun, and based on your description of the mayflies, their behavior, and the elevation at which you observed them, would be my guess.
  5. Thanks so much. Any guess on the stonefly? Osobenus?
  6. Hi Gary-
    Don't think so, as the color pattern on the head doesn't look right, but I really don't know what it is.

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