Snoqualmie River (Middle Fork)

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    I understand the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie has a decent wild trout population although they don't grow very large. From the WDFW Regs, I see that its C&R as well as a selective gear fishery which, to me, means good flyfishing. I've never taken the opportunity to fish this river, but anticipate making it one of my more frequent destinations in the coming year.

    Would anyone be so kind as to share their knowledge regarding hatches, patterns and access?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your understanding of the river isn't off, although toss in an equal number of cuts. Don't expect the Yakima as you will not find that on the Snoqualmie Forks. Don't get me wrong, I spend 30+ days a year on the Middle & South forks and have a great time but the average size is 7-10, toss in a few 11-13's and the rest are trophies. It's not uncommon mind you to release a 16 but it's like a mini lottery you shouldn't expect to win very often.

    Regardless it's some nice water and many days are very productive. My 2 cents on where to go. Stay in town between the park where the rivers meet and exit 34. Many head up Taylor River road (Middle Fork Road?) but unless your prepared for an adventure it doesn't produce well. When I head up there I'm going 5-12 miles in and hiking back from spots off the road that aren't next to the river. Very decent water in there though and some very decent fish to boot.

    The map I'm hoping is legible enough for you to see the green circles I've drawn out for you. Right where is says "North Bend Airstrip" is exit 34. Just to the north a couple blocks is the right turn that takes you back along the middle all the way to it's source waters. Many head up there but nice looking areas right off the road as expected don't usually produce that well. If your ready for a hike some really nice holes are up there where you have to hoof it in a mile or so. Have got into some very nice fish but it's hit and miss. Don't bring your Honda, dirt all the way with potholes.

    I haven't yet put together a hatch chart for the area, I'll start on one when I get a chance. My box will always have PMD's, caddis, stimulators, irresistible adams, various nymphs & beer. ;-)

    Hope this helps a bit,

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    Thanks for the reply; very good info. And great job on the map scanning, too - a very useful tool. Green circles are very discernable. One thing, however, you'll have to share your secret for getting the beer into the flybox. :)

    And "Good On Ya'" for bringing a useful,local-oriented fly fishing site online for Washington; I know its a lot of work but I, for one, appreciate your efforts.

    Tight lines, friend.