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  1. Today I was fishing on the north fork of the cda and had something happen to me for the first time. I don't know it this is common or not as I normally don't run this setup. Has any one ever been running a hopper with a dropper and had the fish go the the hopper and miss it but get caught on the dropper. I had a beaded san juan worm and that happened to me to day and the hook and line wrapped around the fish and the hook doug in. I have had things like this happen before like a fish rolled the dry and got its self poked. but nothing like this.
  2. I had it happen on Rock Creek in MT and fouled (belly) hooked a 16" fish in fast water with the dropper.. thought I had hooked a really big one! I figure it missed the top fly and got foul hooked. Can't remember how far the dropper was from the top fly.. don't think it was more than 18"...
  3. I have done it a few times when running a 2 fly set up, I like to call it the Cluster F*ck set up. I have also been crushed by 2 big Cutts at once with a double dry Stimulator and caddis
  4. yeah my was about 2ft. and if did fill bigger than the 10-11in it turned out to I mean it even made a couple of good runs.
  5. So where you able to land them when it happened? I had thought about that before and wondered if it happened would I be able to land them or what would happen.
  6. Yes had it happen a couple of times, more of a snag after an overly eager reaction to a fish hitting the hopper.
  7. Had that once on a lake, my first fish of the day. It definitely seemed bigger than it was, but when I got it close to the tube I could tell something wasn't right. The dropper was a small chironomid and barely had him hooked. He swam off fine, but I did not feel great about it.
  8. I had 6x on the small caddis and it ended up with a clean break. I landed the lead fish with no sweat after the weight of the other fish was off the line
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  9. I've had it happen often enough that I wonder if the fish doesn't take the nymph on the way to the dry. I happens too often to be least that's my thought....
  10. I had that one too. Both flies in the jaw.

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