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  1. I've waited as long as I can to start talking about them...

    I just wanna catch one. I've read a bunch of stuff on the forum from years past. Help me think about timing, flies, strategy, how to avoid "net days"...

    I will be coming up from Oregon to get one in the Salt, I hope.
  2. Think floating line, long leader, sparse flies, VERY slow presentation, and don't be afraid to get away from the color green. Cerise and purple is your friend.

    At least that's what worked for me last year, which was my first year targetting them with the bug rod
  3. I've played the floating/long/sparse with a slow retrieve with forest green and/or chartreuse flies (for the most part) and have had a hell of a time getting these fish figured out over the past 3-4 years, despite putting in god knows how many hours of fishing.

    Sounds like you've had way more success, so I'll go ahead and ask - how slow of a retrieve are we talking about here? Care to share any info on specific patterns (I feel like I've tried them all and then some, but I'm always interested in what's worked for other people).
  4. Think something like a lightly weighted, sparse comet. I retrieve at a "casual" pace compared to the frantic pace of coho retrieve and fast and poppy pink retrieve.
  5. What I found was that it was imperative to find schooling fish. I learned not to waste my time blind casting to water that had jumpers. I would find a school, try to cast to intercept them,, then a reteive that was slower than I could stand after a few months of chasing silvers. Faster retrieves just seemed to scatter the school and cause foul hooks.

    As far as flies I pretty much caught all my fish on two flies.... a chum turd in cerise/purple combo, and a basic soft hackle type fly with a flash wrapped body, a small amount of ice dub, then a couple wraps of hackle. I liked purple hackle and chartreuse ice dub combo the most.

    There was a great chum thread last year where we talked at length about these fish and posted several pics of these flies and recipes. Ill see if I can find a link
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  6. Where is going to be opened?
  7. According to my journal the chums showed up here near ????? ????? on ??????? ? last year. I'm tying right now in prep. 

    Edit: After listening to the criticism of the specific where and when info I'd initially posted and much contemplation of those complaints, I've redacted said information. I do see how such specificity could be upsetting to folks who enjoy this particular fishery and I grant you the validity of your criticisms.

    Tight lines all
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  8. Fishing journals are a great way to maintain a written record of such details.

    Internet forums are not always the best place for such details.
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  9. Nick, I understand the philosophy that one shouldn't divulge too much info on the web and I generally try not to. But it's no secret that there's a large run at Chico and who the heck knows when they'll show up this year?

    For those that enjoy combat fishin' and watching the snaggers, they're welcome to fish there.

    That's not my cuppa tea. I go somewhere else to target the same fish and that's my secret! ;)
  10. In today's age of huge fishing pressure and very few unknown fisheries, timing can be the biggest secret of all.

    I've got my eye on a couple off the radar spots this year. I hope yours pays off well for ya.

  11. Dick move.

    OP, I suggest you dig up the big chum thread from last year. Good stuff!
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  12. I spent 42 years working in the sportfishing industry and I've developed my own opinions about what info I should divulge or hold close to my chest.

    I like putting out "teasers" to folks new to the game so they might be able to catch a fish but I'm not about to give up all my "secrets"!

    I find that part of the joy of fishing is being able to introduce new folks to the game and if it takes dropping a hint or two, so be it.

    Just my 2¢!

    I hope your "off the radar" places are packed with hungry fish also!!
  13. Ya wanna clarify the phrase "Dick move"?

    I'm not sure I understand your post.

    Edit: Sorry mtskibum16, I've always enjoyed your posts but your phrase kinda yanked my chain and for that I apologize. I don't want to sidetrack the OP's purpose of this thread. Feel free to PM me if you want to hit me over the head with your favorite bug-rod! ;)
  14. Don't think you can target chums right now
  15. I thought it was pretty obvious. Mention a well know spot, sure, but in general stuff like specific run timing is often the "secret" of a given location. It's something locals spend lots of time scouting in hopes of a few unspoiled days withouts the hordes. Eventually the word gets out and people start showing up.

    Without any more specifics, many of these chum runs are known as "Halloween fish" and that's when it starts getting busy. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying....
  16. One thing that I am painfully aware of is that we have salmon restoration programs that are putting a great emphasis on the Summer Chum salmon, which are listed under the Endangered Species Act. The work is focused on habitat restoration and many of these projects are beginning to see solid returns of wild spawning fish. But I also see quite a few people attempting to catch these same Chum salmon as they congregate outside of the streams. The sight of the big salmon slapping, tail walking and leaping along the shallows on the shorelines is just too much for some people to resist. But please, think twice. Make sure you aren't targeting a sensitive run of fish. Do a little homework.
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  17. "I thought it was pretty obvious."

    K, but if I knew that the fish would be back here again on the same date......well, I'd be a better fisherman than I am!

    As I said, it's no secret that sometime in October chum show up here.

    If on that particular day in 2013 I see hordes of anglers at Chico on the banks and wading out on the flats anxiously awaiting hungry fish all saying "Dipnet said they'd be here!!!" then I'll think I should back off on my prognostications! ;)

    I do understand what you're sayin'. Hope you understand my viewpoint also. Tight lines, buddy!
  18. Bob, I wasn't aware that summer chum were listed under the ESA.

    Knowing that, it ticks me off even more seeing all the snaggers in this area during the height of the run.

    How's the status of the fall and winter fish?
  19. You're missing the point. General knowledge is that chum show up at the END of October.

    I've seen it happen....It's no different than posting "all last week I slayed it at xxxx beach!" Those fish may be long gone, but it won't stop 10 guys from showing up to try and catch them. Did they know that beach could produce fish prior to the report? Sure, but the report is what made them decide to drive 2 hours and pass countless other good spots to come fish your local beach.

    All I'm saying is your post did nothing but tell someone when and where to show up. You could still be helpful by replacing "Chico" with "a local beach". Let people do a little legwork for their spots.
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  20. There was a ton of great info and "teasers" in last years thread that would allow any newbie with half a brain to half a decent chance of learning enough to have a shot at catching some. Hell, last year was my first go of it and using much of the info in that thread I was able to catch my share.

    There are few if any "secret" spots anymore. What there is an abundance of is lazy fisherman who don't want to get off their couch unless they are assured of finding fish. Personally I've spent a lot of effort figuring out how to fish some of these spots when these other guys are sitting on their couch and while I think I am free sharing with techniques that work for me, I would prefer these other guys stay on their couch until they've had their fill of to speak.

    I respect your opinion on the matter but I highly disagree.
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