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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I've seen some very nice soft hackles being tied the last week so I think we should have a soft hackle swap

    Swap is limited to 16 people with a total of 16 flies tied. Please respond to sign up. Tyers of all abilities are welcome.

    Standard swap rules of please toe tag your flies and provise a SASE mailer to return your flies to you.

    Let's have the flies in around February 10th. (date may be adjusted based on when the #16 swapper signs up)

    1. zen leecher - mother's day caddis - DONE
    2. Mayfly Aviator - PMD soft hackle emerger - RECEIVED
    3. Patrick Gould - something small and purple - RECEIVED
    4. Gary Knowels - yamamoto's double soft hackle - RECEIVED
    5. Ron McNeal - green soft hackle - RECEIVED
    6. David Dalan - buggler - RECEIVED
    7. Ron Eagle Elk - Baillie's black spider/Gray Squirrel flymph - RECEIVED
    8. Jeff Dodd - purple and starling - RECEIVED
    9. Rob Ast - Iron Blue Dun inspired - RECEIVED
    10. james.jimenez - pheasant tail soft hackle - RECEIVED
    11. Chris Johnson - RECEIVED
    12. Calvin1 - RECEIVED
    13. Chad Lewis - RECEIVED
    14. Thomas Williams - hobgoblin - RECEIVED
    15. hooked 1 - RECEIVED
    16. LD - March Brown coachman - RECEIVED
  2. This is a great idea, I'm in.

  3. Count me in. I'll probably do something small and purple.
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  4. I'm in. Going to attempt some double soft hackle bugs. We'll see how it turns out, may have to revise my choice later.
  5. I'm in, some form of Cary Special is likely. Maybe a dubbed one to make it "buggier."
  6. I'm in if you'll have me. I'll be tying a Baillie's Black Spider. It's a wonderfully effective wee wet fly.
  7. I could join this but I have only tied a couple soft hackles and will have to simply pick a pattern from my Dave Hughes book.

    Will you take a rookie?
  8. I'm in, just don't compare my finished products to REE's
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  9. I'm in if you will have me.. Not the best but would like to try this... This will be my first fly swap... Ductape and super glue for everyone!!!!
  10. count me in, I love soft hackles and have admired Hans' tying medthods for a while
  11. I'll make it 12 if I've got in in time.
  12. Looks like I'm one too far down the line. If everyone can stand the thought of having thirteen, then I'm in. Soft hackles are some of my favorite flies.
  13. Nevermind.. posted and saw I was too late.
  14. looks like i'm too late too
  15. Clearly I'm not the swapmeister, however I welcome the idea of 3 more participants.
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  16. M. Aviator, Great minds think alike I will increase the number of participants to the needed number. I also was going to add that no one needs to be intimidated by a soft hackle swap as nothing fancy needs to be done. A well tied #14 orange soft hackle is just as nice as a #18 mothers day caddis.

    I never expected a swap turn out like this.

  17. Bill, The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Just let me know the final number. Wingless wet flies are getting more and more popular because they stand the test of time.

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  18. As they are easy to tie I have no problem with adding a few more.
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  19. So 16 flies total and due on Feb 10th?
  20. One more spot open as I listed Mayfly Aviator twice. Yes this will be a very good swap. I've seen a number of soft hackles posted already that are very nice looking ties.

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