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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Here's my fly. It's got a nice blend of orange and green and purple. Kind of like the cars that have the paint jobs that change colors depending on what angle your looking at it. I call it "Hobgoblin"

  2. Thomas, very nice fly. Two thumbs up.

    Also, one more spot available.
  3. Is this ok with you all?

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  4. Those look good man. Sweeet. We should all get some nice flies from this.

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  5. If you still have one more, I am in.
  6. I like that style with the bead behind the hackle. Great tie.
  7. LD is our last swapper. Please mail your flies by February 10th and two more things to keep in mind, please toe tag your flies, package the flies in a container of some sort (I use a snoose can) and send along a stamped mailing envelope.

    Swap signup is closed.
  8. I checked one of Sylvester Neme's soft hackle books and found a mother's day caddis taped inside one with an inscription by Syl. So I will tie up a #16 mother's day caddis. Hopefully sometime I will find some running water to drift one thru. It doesn't quite look like a soft hackle as the hun feather is wound around the hook and then gathered up and secured on the top of the hook.
  9. Here is my fly. Yamamoto's double soft hackle. Tan dubbed body with tan henry's fork hackle palmered over that, ribbed with mother of pearl crystal flash, and partridge hackle.

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  10. We only have to send 15 ties, right?

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  11. I was asking for 16 but you would be getting one of your own back with the complete swap set.
  12. I guess that does make it much easier on you to sort out. I'll whip up another tonight.

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  13. Bill, The flies are winging or rolling or dog sledding their way to you. My Post Office was out of reasonable sized envelopes for the flies (you'll be getting them in a humongous envelope) so I just tucked some money in the fly box that should cover the cost of an envelope and return postage. Hope that's okay.
  14. Well..... that would depend on how many extra flies are in the box. It could be one of these days when the package arrives. :);):(:mad::rolleyes:
  15. So I finished tying the flies today... Then realized that ten of them where missing the peacock collar... GRRRRRRRRRRR So I am retying them AGAIN!!!! DAMN IT!!!
  16. I blame the Big Bang Theory TV show
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  17. Ron Eagle Elk's flies received.

  18. Bazinga
  19. Since this swap was inspired by the iron blue dun video Hans posted I have decided to tie up a similar pattern, but in black and olive. Threw in a copper rib for good measure, may add a little peacock herl for grins. I guess you'll see them when you get them.
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  20. Mine went in the mail on Friday, you should get them tomorrow or Wednesday.

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