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  1. Finished em up Sunday. They'll be packaged tonight and in the mail tomorrow :)
  2. Great ties so far in this thread! Look forward to fishing these soft hackles.

    Alright, I picked a soft hackle pattern for myself and needed to order the color silk it called for... Should be here tomorrow.

    A few practice flies to work on proportions and hackle. These are both heavy handed on the hackle so I will work on that. Maybe 1.5 turns of starling?

    If you have suggestions I would love to hear before I start tying the final draft.
    Thanks! IMAG0698.jpg
  3. I have no problems with those at all. I look forward to fishing them!

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  4. Jeff,

    When you ordered the silk (Pearsall's I'm assuming) did you get some Cobbler's wax as well? I tend to go a bit heavy on the hackle for the wee spiders, using as much as 2 turns of starling. After a few fish gnaw on them they'll be down to a respectable 13 barbs.

    Nice looking flies. I'd throw either of them in a river in a heartbeat.
  5. Dang double post
  6. Thank you for the response and encouragment. I am using Pearsalls silk thread but simple soft dubbing wax on the head. (orange tube? Waspi?) I bought the thread from Steven Jackson at Ted's Sportscenter. I will ask Steven about wax products he has available for the silk.

    Thanks again! I pick up my purple thread today if all goes as planned.

    Oh, Ron. You don't strip one side of the starling prior to wrapping do you?

  7. Received yesterday.
  8. I like the one on the right, but mine look more like the one on the left. FWIW
  9. Thanks Patrick. Are you referring to silk color or hackle? The fly on the left has fewer hackle fibers but I missed my Target on hackle length by just a bit.

    RON mentioned 13 fibers... I know this, but I find it difficult to make myself STOP turning the hackle pliers - dummy!
  10. I have a starling skin I acquired during the September dove season. Only tied one fly with it and the starling hackle is small.

    Jeff, what size hook are we looking at in your picture?
  11. I will check again tonight, but I think they are size 9 and 11, Alec Jackson North Country hooks.

    The starling feathers are small but I was able, with the skin, to find enough feathers sized for the swap hook size I wanted (9).
  12. You mentioned proportions and that's what I was thinking of. I like the smaller head on the orange one. I like the amount of hackle on both.
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  13. Thanks and yes, I have to dial in my stopping point for the body with these soft hackles. 2 turns of hurl and 2 turns of starling doesn't require much shank real estate!
  14. IMAG0703.jpg

    Got my purple silk today! I enjoy tying with this Pearsall's thread so much
    ... I am now an official fly tying nerd ;-)
  15. Jeff, send your snail mail addy to me in a PM and I'll send you some real, honest, from an Irish Cobbler's shop, Cobbler's wax. Anything to help out a tier of wee wet flies.

    Oh, no, with starling I don't strip one side, except for maybe 5 fibers so I have a flat spot on the rachis to go up against the hook shank when I start wrapping.
  16. PM sent Ron, thank you!

    Thanks also for the tip with the hackle.

  17. Jeff, Wax hit the Post Office this afternoon. I tossed in a couple spools of Pearsall's as well. One of the 6A color that was used for the Partridge and Orange and a spool of the Primrose that was used for the Greenwell's Glory and Pritt's Water Cricket among others.

    I also suggested a couple of books I have found helpful over the years, but I'll post the titles here so other folks who might like to read them can. First is A Guide to North Country Flies and how to tie them by Mike Harding. A very good volume of work on dressing the flies and 140 classic patterns. The other is, perhaps, the best volume on wet flies I've read. A Handbook of North Country Trout Flies by W.S. Roger Fogg. Fogg's book deals with the history, materials, tying techniques and fishing techniques for the North Country flies. It also lists the patterns according to the type of hackle, ie partridge, starling, grouse, etc.
  18. I did a search on Fogg's book and what I've found is a bit pricey.
  19. Bill, Yup it is that. My good friend in Scotland sent me an e-mail several years back telling me to buy the book NOW. Turns out that a book shop in London was cleaning up the basement and found an unopened case of the Fogg books. As they were brand new from the printers they had to be sold at the new book price as printed on the jacket, 9 BPS 50, about 19 US dollars. It cost me another 18 dollars in postage from the UK. I got the book for a grand total of about $37. As soon as the last of the "new" books were sold, the price went back up.

    Another nice little book is Modern Trout Fly Dressing by Roger Woolley. It covers much of the same information as Fogg, but in a much smaller format. The copy I have is a nice leather bound edition with gilt lettering and page edges.
  20. Dang double posts.:mad:

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