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  1. Holy Cow!!! I just looked up the price of Fogg and Woolley's books. I had no idea they had gone up that much. I may have to price out my other old books to see if I can put my Grandson through college. On the bright side there are several listings for Mike Harding's book on Amazon for $25 and under.

  2. REE (Ron)
    This is very generous of you. Hope I am able to see you in Lynnwood or Ellensburg to say a proper, face to face thank you. I sat and watched you tie a 3 years ago in E-burg and you were very generous, answering my questions, etc.

    Regarding the books you suggested - Handbook of North Country Flies and how to tie them by Harding, yes, that price is out of my league! I'll check on the other book(s) now for some history and instruction on the wee wet flies :)

    Thank you again,
  3. Bill,
    So I did confirm the hook size is 9 and 11, as that's the way Alec Jackson sized them, to be consistant with the spey hooks I guess.

    I picked up a full starling skin last summer and the feathers are pretty good for larger soft-hackles. I also was given a bag of individual feathers from a whidbey Island starling... SMALL!!! Not one of them is big enough for these hooks.
  4. Ok finished mine up today. I experimented with a few different hackles. Grizzly and brown saddle as well as partridge. I couldnt decide which I liked best so not everyone will get the same one. Body and design remain unchanged. Tell me what you think? I really like partridge but the stems are thick and often too short to get a good wrap. Anyways I will get them in the mail early next week!

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  5. I don't think there will be any complaints with those flies. Did you tie the partridge in by the tips? That's one way around the thick stem issue.
  6. The flies have started trickling in. 4 sets are done and I've been updating the initial post with receipts.
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  7. Finished. Will tag and mail Monday.

  8. Rob, What do you call your creation? And, it looks nice.
  9. Yes sweet fly, Rob. I tied a March Brown coackman wet. Looked interesting. They are nothing to right home about, but I am looking forward to fishing them this spring. They went off today.
  10. Seven sets of flies received so far. All flies are very nicely tied. The set I get will end up as a display.
  11. You guys are all way too on the ball. I'm finishing up the Crane Fly swap with a 2/5 due date and will then move on to the soft hackles. Been moving/living out of boxes, makes the fly tying just a tad more challenging.
  12. Just because it's due 2/10 doesn't mean you have to wait until 2/9. Become O/C like the 7 of us.
  13. Dang, it keeps growing.
  14. Okay, how do you delete a double post. Mods? Anyone?
  15. Mine will be in the mail today.Sorry for the simplistic fly but time has been very very short around here for a couple of months and just cant seem to get a handle on it.Simple ,but a killer on the Steel here. Thanks for letting me play.

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  16. I apologize everyone. My wife took my flies to the post office this morning and I hadn't toe tagged them yet. You can't miss them however, they're Olive Willies with a wing of red rabbit as William Servey taught me how to tie it in Swede's about 10 or 12 years ago. Hope that's not too low brow. I was going to do a size 20 black soft hackle, and though a great fly, it seemed too easy.
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  17. That fly is just about perfect. Bravo!
  18. Damn. That hurts man.
  19. Chad,

    Know that my post came before yours and in no way was directed at anyone. I personally would have preferred the 20 black to the fly that I ended up tying. Just goes to show, we should always trust our first instinct!
  20. Chad, a #20 black soft hackle is relatively easy if a person has good eyes and has done a number of the little soft hackles. If they haven't it's a real bitch to place the wraps side by side and it also takes an "eye" for the proper hackle selection.

    I have a few #18 soft hackles in my fly box and I think they look elegant.

    I have a lamp with a magnifying glass attachment that I use for my precision work. Otherwise that would be in the area of "a real bitch" for me.

    Added on edit: I have a few soft hackles Sylvester Nemes tied and they appear to be "simple" #16 flies (but elegant). I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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