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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I would not have guessed it was uni-stretch. I want to tie some of yours up also.

    Also I'm glad people started getting their flies on Friday and Saturday as I was running around like a madman trying to get them out on Thursday. I do volunteer taxes and needed to work around that. Sorting out 17 sets of 16 flies isn't as easy as I previously thought either.
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  2. I'm saving my set of the flies to make a shadow box for display. Shoot.... some of you guys might be famous some day.

    I would also like to thank Ron Eagle Elk who provided TWO flies for the swap. That's why there were 17 flies being returned.

    Everyone did an excellent job tying flies and the flies were exceptional. If I listed names it would be everyone. I'm also amazed at the dexterity and balance of the ties. I will be using the swap flies as prototypes for filling my soft hackle fly box.

    A round of applause for the participants!!

    Oh, one other person to single out. James.jimenez is a new tyer and this was his first swap. His pheasant tail soft hackle had nice proportions, balance and eye appeal. If I listened correctly he started tying last year at one of Jerry's wounded warrior events.

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  3. fun swap, great ties and thank you all who particpated
  4. You guys did a great job! I love the ties, thanks for sharing your ideas and talent.
  5. Ditto to previous comments, great ties across the board!
  6. Finally took a good look at the flies today. I was thinking from the pictures that I was gonna have a few favorites, but looking at them in person changed my mind. Great patterns, and the quality of the tying looks top shelf. Thanks a lot for a great swap.
  7. Chad - your fly worked!

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  8. How can you tell his fly worked? It was so bleepin' small.
  9. sorry. how's this?
  10. Chad, proof positive that your tiny black fly works. The fish are always right.
  11. Duh- of course it works. :)
  12. By the way Patrick, nice fish. Wish all mine looked like that....

  13. Looking at it closer it looks like the shore of the Yakima.
  14. Update:

    Caught Bass today using both David's buggler and Gary's double soft hackle! Thanks guys.
  15. Nice work Patrick! I'm glad you got out fishing and that my fly produced. When I started entering swap I was concerned that my patterns wouldn't be up to snuff and people would either throw them away or they wouldn't work. It feels good to know that some things are producing.
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  16. It a good fly for a number of reasons. First it just looks buggy. Second, the CDC gives it some buoyancy so when you use it with a sinking line it floats higher than the line, and stays off the bottom slime.
  17. So it's "fake cdc" It's called Henry's Fork Hackle, which I liken to synthetic CDC yarn. This could be down with CDC in a dubbing loop, palmered as ScottP did the CDC and elk SBS. I like the stuff, super easy to use, but it is a bit spendy and only comes in a couple of colors.
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  18. That's the stuff! I didn't realize it was natural CDC and the fly shop only had 3 colors so I thought that was all they made. Thanks Patrick. I really like the stuff. Super buggy and easy to use. I used the tan/ginger on that pattern.

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