Soleduc, Calawha, Hoh?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Randy Knapp, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Anyone been fishing over there yet this summer? I have three days next week Weds-Fri and want to do some camping and flyfishing with my wife and maybe a little sightseeing as well. No big deal but if you really know a good place out there to combine tent camping with river fishing for a few relaxing days either answer here or e-mail me at We have steelhead and trout gear and just want to have some fun and maybe C&R a few fish.

  2. Randy,

    Sol Duc or Clawah are a decent pick right now for some cutts maybe even a steelhead. Neither are showing in good numbers right now but the cutt fishin is better than the steelie fishin. Fish above 101 for the best action for cutts. The upper Clawah would be a good bet and there is a DNR campground on the A road just north of Forks. There is camping along 101 for the upper Duc.

    The hoh is up and down with the weather but its one to watch.
  3. Rich,

    Still planning to go tomorrow. When you say fish the Calawah above 101, do you mean the mainstem or one of the forks?

  4. All of it. But not to far up on the Forks.
  5. Explored other areas on Wednesday and didn't fish. Drove to the Calawah and the campground was closed so drove to the Hoh. Camped in the Olympic National Park ($10 for week long pass) and $10/night for a campsite. Great campground with running water and flush toilets which made my wife happy. C&R regs except for hatchery steelhead. Water was a little high and milky but still landed a nice 23" dollie and spooked a few others and lost one. Saw a herd of thirty elk. Had a doe and fawn in the campsite 10' away browsing at about 8PM. Saw a big buck resting by the river under the shadow of a large tree. Weather was perfect on Wednesday and Thursday. A little drizzle on Friday so we packed up early and headed out. Caught a nice 14" white fish before leaving the river. It was beautiful up there and no one else was fishing while I was there though there were footprints. Anyone been catching dollies on the Sauk, Suiattle or Skagit?


    The Calawah did look low and clear.

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