NFR Solheim Cup

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by freestoneangler, Aug 18, 2013.

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    The Americans might as well have been putting with a croquet mallets this weekend... what a drubbing! Still some amazing quality golf displayed by the LPGA players...better luck in 2015.
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    US women are too emotional. 17 yr old euro chick's just cleaning house.
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    Golf ? Isn't that for old folks !!!!
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    No, we're to old to chase a little white ball around a cow pasture.
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    I played in a 4 man scramble tourney 2 weeks ago. I was the only golfer and the 3 other guys swung at the ball. We shot a 64. The guys were pretty excited due to some nice( very lucky) shots they made that helped us post a decent score. I reminded them that a pro female golfer on a tournanment course could beat our score by herself without extra shots or help. ONE guy said "ya, but girls play from the front tees" . I reminded this overweight slob of a man that we played a course at 6100 yrds, and the ladies can outdrive him on every hole and he would never will a hole outright. He talked shit about female athletes for another minute and then i told him "just stick with your pitchers of beer and nachos, they wont beat you at that game". It was the end of our conversation as he spun his bar stool around and reached for the bowl of pretzels.
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    Thanks for the kind words.............and, passing the pretzels...

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    Easiest way to shut them up is just explain how Michelle Wie at age 14, yes FOURTEEN missed the cut at a PGA tour event by only one shot. A 14 year old girl beat over 60 of the worlds best male golfers, hitting from the exact same tees as them.

    Guys she beat that week: Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan, Adam Scott, Zach Johnson
    Tied: Kenny Perry, Jim Furyk, and Ben Curtis.