FS Solid Floor Raft, Reels, Rod and stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Kcahill, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Item 1:


    Item 2:

    Step-in fins

    I swear these are Outcast but they dont say it anywhere on them, work fine I just never use them.

    $20.00 can meet somewhere locally.


    Item 3:

    Sage Model GFL 796-4 RPL Graphite III 9'6" 7wt

    It is used, cork shows use, rod works fine I just dont use it a lot. Plenty fishy caught a Coho on Saturday...


    rpl 1.JPG RPL 2.JPG

    Item 4:


    View attachment 31518 View attachment 31519 View attachment 31520

    Item 5:

    Allen Alpha II 7/8

    Dragged around as a back up, pretty sure it was never fished. Has 20lbs backing.


    allen 1.JPG allen 2.JPG allen 3.JPG

    Item 6:

    SA Sharkskin Saltwater Taper WF-7-f

    Good line, used on 1 trip selling since i am selling the rod.

    $40.00 Shipped


    Item 7:

    Fishin Buddy 120

    With box and everything, also with float tube holster, has side scan. I used it some but not as much as I should. I dont want to ship it so local only.


    Fish Finder.JPG
  2. That 796-4 would make a great beach stick for someone. That won't last long.
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  3. If that's the same rod you were throwing Saturday then I can certainly attest to it's mojo!

  4. Do Your prices include shipping?
  5. No, if you want me to ship one of the rod or reels add 5 bucks.
  6. I' ll take that Konic for $85 shipped
  7. Updated, added some stuff to
  8. Just in case can I be second on the konic?
  9. sure you have seconds
  10. Would also be willing to talk about trades\partial trades for a SOT Kayak in the 10-12 foot range.
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  11. konic is gone
  12. I just sent you a PM about the boat. Definately interested.


  13. PM replied to i think, my phone is kinda iffy on those things.
  14. Raft and Lamson gone, somebody buy the fishing buddy it deserves a good home (and I want to get a finder for a kayak :p)
  15. I will take the fins if you will ship.
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