Sometimes it's better not to know what you don't know... a brief beach report

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    So, in my continued attempt to learn the area, got out and hit a beach for a few hours yesterday. Caught the tide about midway thru the drop, not a really big tide (something ling like 10' I think.)

    Stopped at a spot that I've wanted to learn, but there was a car there that looked like a fishing vehicle, so just headed further onward. Found myself at a spot I have fished a few times before. There's a prominent area here that, the few times I've seen someone fish here, is the one spot that seems to be "the place." After gearing up, instead of hiking out to the one area that seems to be the spot, instead, I just sat on a tree and watched. Looked left and right, turns out the beach to the left has a big back eddy going, the tide was clearly sweeping the water "backwards" near the shore. In fact, I noticed, the current nearest the shore was really moving at a nice clip. Then I noticed the fish. They were flashing under the foam, sublty, and the occasional swirl on the surface. Again, very subtle, not moving much water at all, and if I'd headed to the area immediately that I had planned on fishing, I would have missed this entirely.

    So, since the fish were so close to shore and facing away from me, I hiked "upsteam" well away from the water's edge, trying not to spook the now obvious school of fish.

    Started casting a good 15-20' away from the edge of the water, hard to do since the bottom here was filled with rocks. But first cast, fly had barely touched down and I actually saw the fish crush it. How cool is that! Contimued to pick up fish here and there along the shore until I eventually spooked all of the fish in the shallow edge current. But I stayed in this back eddy for a few hours and caught quite a few fish, they are getting really fat now.

    I did eventually make my way to the "spot" where I got nothing, how's that! The obvious point is, sometimes it is better "not to know." While it has been hard not knowing areas (I am now 21 weeks into my WA life) there are sometimes some unseen benefits to everything being new. If I had "known" the place to go, I may have missed a good morning and missed something cool. I've likely fished, oh, 25-30 spots or so in the Sound so far. Many of them got the big bagel, but I think I'm learning some things that I would not have had I simply been shown around, or relied on internet info. I like to fish, but I think I find exploration every bit as fun as the actual fishing itself...

    Anyway, was a good morning, thought I'd share.

    Great site as always, thanks to the owners and admins, great state.


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    Typical fatty from yesterday, they are definitely getting chubbier


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    Very nice. Way to go!

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    Boom. Strong work, bub.
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  4. Steve Knapp

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    That's a great report brother, thanks! I love it when you've got to come up with a new plan of attack.

    Last spring I was chasing cutts that were hammering chum fry coming out of a small creek. As much as I tried I couldn't get a strike. I started casting from 20' to the waters edge, and fed my fly through the slot, dead drifted, stripped, slow, fast...nothing. I finally waded out along a sand bar as far as I could go. I then had to turn around and cast my fly towards shore and into the creek. I then stripped the fly out into the salt like madand started to pick up fish. It was one of my most memorable days, and non of the fish were very big.

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  5. dryflylarry

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    Nice report. Makes me want to hit the beach today.
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  6. Nick Clayton

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    Excellent report as usual, Dan. Your attitude is contagious! Your reports lately have really got me thinking hard about spending more time chasing SRC. My first love this time of year, or any time of year for that matter, is stillwaters, but I'm surrounded by beaches and really should get out more
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  7. Kim McDonald

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    Wow, great report! Nice photos.

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  8. Jim Wallace

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    Very nice looking fish! And great report. Your theme of just "being there" and scoping out the water in real time and responding to what is actually happening, vs going to the "known spot" where you had good luck in the past, is right on the money.

    I took a similar turn one day (either last summer or the one before) in my local estuary and chose to paddle a different route to the mouth of a smaller tidal creek where there was only one really good looking spot, near a few pilings. I had passed up heading there on prior excursions in favor of heading to my usual known fishing area, which is a good stretch of tidal creek with a lot of good holding water, and most often has a decent number of fish spread out. By the time I'm done there, its a logistical nightmare to try to get to the smaller creek and check out that one interesting looking zone, mainly due to the tide and the wind and the fact that I'm paddling. This is boat fishing.
    But I headed to the obscure spot that had been calling to me, just to satisfy my curiosity. I hooked into two nice cutthroats, both dandies. It was well worth the side trip that day. Now I know. Oops! Did I say "know?":D
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    You are one fishy dude!! Nice report and great pics as usual. I'm going to try and hit the salt this weekend down in the south end.
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  10. Grayone

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    That's good shit!!!
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  11. rainbow

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    A good report as usual. I would love to go fishing with you. I have not yet tried the the salt.
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  12. Ed Call

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    Awesome. Just awesome. Take a new guy, read him explain his approach and immediately think of here or four areas that this approach can, and has worked. I was showing one such place to my folks during their visit today.
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  13. Josh Stroud

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    Nice job, I am just starting to learn the SRC game myself. I went out last weekend and had a lot of fun getting a few on a chum fry pattern. This is my fourth month here and I cant believe I just started fishing for them!
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  14. Dave Boyle

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    I love it! Your observation about being a newb and 'blind' to the spots is so right on! I think we've all been in a situation like that at one time or another and much tho' it drives some nuts, this is proof that going out and just giving it a go works well rather than "here's the rock, go fish". And it feels really good to figure something out and have great results.

    Really nice fish (and report),

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  15. The Dude

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    Thanks. that was a nice read.
  16. C&CRods

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    A nice read and some nice lookin fish man! Makes me inspired to go learn some new spots. The adventure is half the fun of moving somewhere new.