Sometimes you need some fish in your workday

Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by plaegreid, May 8, 2013.

  1. The world of business can be a monotonous grind of meetings and paperwork, and more often than not, it can cause the mind to wander. Since the main reason I have a job (besides housing and food and those other 'necessities') is to feed my fishing habit, my mind most often wanders to where I would rather be instead of in this stuffy boardroom listening to some stiff spew numbers at me in monotone. So, more often than not, I doodle. Most of the time my doodles are chuff, noodly little squiggles that get tossed after the meeting. Some of the time, however, I squeeze out a nice one, and I'm sure some of you miscreants do as well. Therefore, I hereby dedicate this thread to the sharing of art (and literature,if you write when you're bored) created or thought of during business hours. I will start us off with... A TROUT. trout.jpg
  2. And since I feel like it, a funky salmon sketch. salmon and snack.jpg
  3. Also, some flies. Looks like a rubber leg stimulator (with a wonky hook... they can't all be winners) and a pheasant tail. Stimnnymph.jpg
  4. Got bored again!
  5. Egg and marabou fly?

  6. Very nice! Curious, how large are the "doodles?"

  7. Much like the fish I catch, these doodles are on the smaller side, from about 6" x 3" for the trout in the first post to approx 2.5" x 1" for the egg-fly.
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  8. Golly gee jigglers, we had a staff meeting today! Not my best stuff, but it's quiet in here.

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  9. A short poem about the majority of my fly-fishing hookups popped into my head today during lunch:

    A strike, a shake, a toss
    A shout, a swear, a loss
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  10. plaegreid,
    I enjoy all your doodles. I find myself doodling often.
    If you ever quit your "day" job, I think you have a future as an illustrator at the very least. How about doing a complete piece? Perhaps it could be accomplished during a very loooooonnnnnnnnggggggg meeting.
    PS I hope your boss doesn't follow WFF.

  11. I hope I never have a meeting that long! :eek: A more complete piece will be made at home though, it may just have to wait until the salmon are gone. Also, I don't think I have to worry about any co-workers being on WFF; I'm the only angler in the office. It's a blessing and a curse.
    And feel free to post your doodles here, I'd love to have some company in this thread! :D
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  12. Dude I am really impressed. You need to get some professional materials and do something on bigger paper. I would buy one.
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  13. Thank you very kindly, Danielocean!
  14. Oh whatever.
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  15. Oh gosh I did more arts during meetings today. These are a little different.

    This one is a fish head, but only if you are like, tripping balls or something:


    And this is an egg-sucking leech pattern, also if you were tripping balls:


    Fish head is ink, leech is pencil.
  16. Another meeting! More Doodles!

  17. Two hour meeting, buncha doodles!
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  18. Awesome work! I do not have any artistic ability so i'm just going to enjoy your thread, while at work, daydreaming about fishing...
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  19. We must attend the same meetings...
  20. Fantastic and hysterical...

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