WFF Sorry For The Delays Folks, But Your Admin And Mod Had To Go Fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Hope the board didn't crash. But was camping down at Red's tent cabins this weekend for Red's Rend. III with my son Brad. Of course I was doing the cooking for it. :) Invited my good friend Chuck Tye and his boy David down and of course Chris Scoones. Event went off well, and had a pretty exciting evening around the campfire. Wish I could tell you more about the exciting evening, but my thumb is pretty damned sore so making tying difficult. :)

    Chuck brought his driftboat and I brought my new one. Have yet to test it in the water. Tossed Scoones in the front, Brad in the back, and set sail from Red's down to the Slab. Right off the get go Scoones stuck a fish. Just kept getting better and better as we floated downriver. Skwala hatch came off a bit, and switched to dries. Scoones hooked a hog. Thankfully his burnt thumb allowed him to get this fish in. It was a terrible ordeal, but his thumb didn't stop him from landing the fish. This fish took him yard, was a spunky fighter.



    Was a great day on the water. Good to get out on the water and shoot the shit and stick some fish. Yup, even the guys who run the board get out and fish every now and then. Now back to the bucket so I can soak my sore thumb. ;)
  2. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Nice of you to share the report and even better that you got to fish a little.
  3. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Was a gorgeous day with great company. Chris and I figured we'd let this one slide and post it up. :)
  4. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the ride and of course breakfast, Jerry.

    I hope Brad's thumb recovers. Consider keeping him home from school until it has.
  5. Buck

    Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

    I gotta say, I'm a little jealous. That's all.
  6. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Weather looks good, fish looks good and even Scoones can't ruin that picture. Well done friends. What is with all the burnt/hurt thumbs?
  7. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    As I read it, Sounds like they were sitting around the camp fire with their thumbs up their asses.:D
  8. Kenneth Yong

    Kenneth Yong Member

    You know what they say about "all work blah-blah". Glad to see you guys had fun on the water, and thanks for sharing!


    WABOWMAN Active Member

    Everyones thumbs got hurt? Something hinky going on here!
  10. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    My son said it best yesterday. "We lost a lot of good thumbs today."
  11. orangeradish

    orangeradish Bobo approved

    Well done, boys.

    Your boy has the sense of humor of someone who grew up around a campfire. That kid cracks me up.
  12. Steve Call

    Steve Call Active Member

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all.
  13. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Tough to beat a good campfire conversation. Wish more would follow the campfire rules.
  14. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    We got rules for campfires?

    I thought it was for drinking beer, telling lies and fish stories.

    Glad you guys got out and had a good day.
    Any day out is a good day, I guess.
  15. Skysoldier

    Skysoldier Trout Hunter

    Sounds like a great time.
  16. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

    Glad you both had a good outing enjoying the essence of your great work here. And Thank You again for all you do for us.
  17. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Campfire rules essentially are about social interaction at its best. If you would say it face to face while relaxing beers or a flask around the campfire then say it online. If not...well then, reconsider. Interweb badasses should stay in grandma's basement.
  18. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    Hey!! That's Scoones...WITH A FISH!!! Holy Crap:eek:
  19. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Scoones deflowered my boat. Was a damned good day except for an overzealous guy bailing outta my boat and snapping a rod. ;)
  20. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member

    What happens in the so-old-it's-retro-boat, stays in the so-old-it's-retro-boat.