South Fork Brookies

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  1. i know they're not supposed to be here but they sure are pretty little guys... IMG_20130712_181215-2.jpg
  2. What river south fork? Just curious
  3. snoqualmie...
  4. Are they found below the falls? I recall hearing they are only up above. Sure would love to catch one someday!
  5. Oh they're definitely in the SF. You can find them in decent numbers in spots between Exit 38 and 42 but I surprisingly caught one up around MP 46-46.5 a couple weeks ago which is way higher than I've ever encountered one before.
  6. I like how the fly is as big as his mouth. Hungry little guy. Also the beaver ponds by Exit 38 have them as well.
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  7. I don't mean to pry, but, could you tell me more about the beaver ponds? I've never been up that far, and a quick look on google earth didn't show anything that looked like a pond. Sorry, I'm a newbie.
  8. They're a trib
  9. It looks more like a wetland with open water than a pond.
  10. I caught a ton of them yesterday below the falls, biggest was in the 12-14inch range down to about 6-7inch range. Caught a NICE cutthroat too, probably 12 inches, bright orange slashes, it was VERY lethargic though, hooked into him and it didn't really fight much at all just hugged the bottom using his weight to fight me. I brought him up nice and slow and just gave the hook a quick shake and off he went... nice and slow back to his hole. Caught one what I'm pretty sure was a pure wild RB. but i will admit I'm not the best at identifying them. So caught three different types of fish yesterday on one river, in one hole, Not a bad day.
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