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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Jul 3, 2001.

  1. Got a few hours off from the office yesterday, hit my usual haunt between exit 34 & Camp Woskowitz. Weather was excellent, water was perfect, no one was on the river, ...and the fishing was great.

    Settled on a beaded stone with a pheasant tail dropper. Did pretty well deep, but found some thin & medium depth water here and there where it seemed I could do no wrong. The usual averages (6 - 9 inches) but landed a 13 & a 15 that really made the day. Very active fish.

    On the way back down I picked a few more up on top with an adams and small drake.

    Beautiful day on the river.

  2. Now you've tempted me to go hit it again, breaking my habit of fishing lakes.

    I was out in the same area about 2 weeks ago during all that rain on a Sunday afternoon, and had no strikes, but I was fishing a yellow rubber leg stimulator and a yellow elk hair caddis on the recommendation of Creekside. Now I have a better idea of how to fish this area....

    Humm, a lake or the South fork in the morning. Hummmm.....
  3. Rattlesnake in the AM, S. Fork in the late AM through the afternoon. My luck is very sporatic in the AM on the river.

    Let me know before you head up that way, I may be able to walk up and meet you.

  4. Chris,
    Thanks for the report! It's great to hear the SF if producing fish. I havent' fished it in years, and have wondered about it each time I pass by.
    Do you know how Rattlesnake Lake is doing this year? I had heard that the water level was very low at the beginning of the season. Has that changed at all ?

    Tight Lines,

  5. Hi Steve,

    NP on the report, was happy to give one like that. The SF though is a bit hit and miss on the larger fish but the average size are always active.

    I haven't fished Rattlenake yet but yes, it did recently get it's water and following that WDFW stocked it. Game on.

  6. Chris chris chris, pleeeeeease tell my husband and I how to get to the area that you were fishing! We have been dying to fish the South Fork, but just couldn't find a place to do it! Could you tell us exactly where you park and how/where you walk in? We sure would appreciate it!

    many thanks,
    Dawn & Ross Hardley
  7. Hi Dawn,

    Actually I live on the river in this area, parking at home and accessing through my back yard. :) Anything though between exit 32 up to the base of Twin Falls in nice water. The flows right now leave the river wadable but crossing in areas can be tricky. The flows will continue to lesson through the summer to become very accessible where ever you go.

    I've heard some better reports of the water off the Twin Falls trailhead lately. Very nice pools through this area but hike in a ways to get away from the easily hit water the bait chuckers prefer. Get there by taking exit 34 off 90, go S. on Edgewick about a mile to the sign for Twin Falls. Park at the trailhead and go on up.

    Another stretch is up and especially down from the Edgewick bridge that crosses the SF. It's just past the Twin Falls sign.

    When the flows come down some more, an enjoyable day can be had entering the river on the North side of N. Bend. Take a couple cars and shuttle between there and 3 Forks Park. Don't waste too much time and you can walk it in around 4 hours.

    I've floated it a few times in my pontoon, but it's a bit tricky in spots. A couple months ago some wind came through and knocked a couple trees down that are blocking the river completely. Wouldn't be too difficult to pull your boat around them though. If your interested in this route just ensure that the river isn't too much lower then it is right now as it becomes too rocky.

    Please catch and release.

    Tight lines,

  8. Ahhhh HA, you have a super secret my husband and I would also like to obtain!!!! Thank you sooo much for all the detailed info, that really helps us out a lot and I think we will do the shuttle thing! My husband headed up to the Twin Falls area yesterday for a re-con and said the trail-head was inundated with vehicles, but he only saw one person on the river!He thought it looked pretty shallow for any fish of size but said that he could see a couple nice pools that might be holding out! Again, thanks soooo much for the info and let us know if any houses come up for sale in your area, you are our kinda neighbor!!!!

    Catching 'n' Releasing FOREVER,
    Dawn (and Ross) Hardley
  9. It seems like every time I fish that area I get skunked. I've gotten off at exit 36, fished the river up and down, nothing. I've fished the river above Olallie Twin Falls State Park, same answer.I'm begining to think that I'm the worlds worst fly caster. I've looked at your maps in that area. Sure is a lot of private property in those areas. I think I will give your river one more chance. Am going to fish it by Edgewick Monday or Tuesday,and If I get skunked I'll leave all the fish in that river to you. Jim S.
  10. Jim, I hear you, but are you saying your above Twin Falls? Pass exit 34 (Edgewick Rd) and the next exit is 38. That'll take you above Twin Falls and the fishing up there is weak. Some of the deeper pools below the falls in Olallie is where I've heard some good reports lately though.

    Walk the river and you should find that houses are not a problem as the river is wadeable. The only home owner I heard of that fussed a bit was quickly straightened out as to anglers rights to fish the waters. Most like myself will smile and say hi, how's the fishing as long as your not on their property above the high water mark.

    Dawn, sorry but your a month late on my neighbors house. :-(

  11. Chris,
    It figures, that seems to be our luck these days! Had the same luck with a beauty on Lake Alice, OOOOOH well, the right one is there somewhere! Thanks for all the exact tips again on the river!
    We're gonna be out there with ya, cantcatchem, giving the S.Snoq. our best, so best of luck to you!

    Dawn (& Ross) Hardley
  12. Well what do you want. I'm getting older so my eyes are getting bad. Used a magnifing (word spelled wrong) glass. Still can't see. After I posted this morning I went fishing at Canyon Creek. Tried 4 different dries,3 nymphs. Got visited by 3 puppies. All I had was 4 hits But the fish were nothing to write home about. Small wasn't the word for them. Jim S. :) :)
  13. lol. What kind of puppies? :D
  14. Little ones. Heinz 57 :)
  15. Hi Chris, 1st post here (although I've been following this site for a month or so now). Great site, with lots of information for the kind of fishing that I do.
    I was on the South fork last night from 7:30- dusk and there was a blizzard hatch going on, I counted at least 5-6 different types of bugs in huge numbers. I always end up fishing at Twin Falls, its just so nice there, and I'd rather not fish in front a bunch of houses If I can avoid it. I have done pretty well in the pool right at the trailhead but have been skunked there more times than not. Last night I could not match the hatch very well and it was frustrating. I tried small caddis, small mayfly duns and a small BH prince w/ a PT dropper when the hatch died a bit -nothing except for acouple of missed strikes on the drys. I switched to a wet fly and landed a couple of 6" cuttbows? before calling it quits. It would have been nice to have something to match the spinner fall or the large mayfly duns that were coming off. But I had no idea what the fish were feeding on.
    Question for you: I have seen trails along the river (south of exit 34 bridge etc) but cant tell if they're public or private?

  16. Hi Beadhead, nice to have you on.

    Sorry I didn't get to see the hatch. I haven't been on the river in a few days and with your report I'll have to go check it out.

    On the Twin Falls trail push up river considerably, almost to the falls itself. Those pools at the trailhead sure are enticing though aren't they.

    I'm not sure about where your talking about exactly. If you mean down river from the bridge (West) those trails are on I believe private property but accessing them has never been an issue. The river has kept coming down lately and at this point I would think you could wade it from the bridge and just walk the river.

    Up river from the Bridge is all private property so you have to wade all of it.

    I've notice a few duns out but am interested in the rest of the hatches you noticed. If I ever get out of work today I'll get out there and see.


  17. I'm a little late with a reply. I just could not make it at the first of the week. I came down with a summer cold and I just can't seem to shake it. I've had it for seven days now,just can't seem to get my head clear. Will try to go next week. I am getting very antsy. Jim S.
  18. Hi,
    New to the site but have been fishing the forks, especially SF for two years now with large numbers of small fish. A good afternoon or evening will see 10-15 fish in the 6-12 inch range. I haven't tried nymphing, usually just a 16 tan elk hair caddis. I usually fish from bridge at exit 34 upriver. The info you give is great, I'll try three forks park this weekend. Last summer I was able to hit the river 60 or so times, then had a kid, our first. This weekend will be my third time on the water this year...Then, off to AK for some salmon on flies(wife grew up there) Good luck and look forward to running into you on the water-I always wear a yellow trout hat from Wood River Outfitters in Ketchum-Sun Valley Idaho where I grew up.
  19. Stretch,
    This is a Washington site, so I need to watch myself, but you mentioned Ketchum-Sun Valley, ID and my ears perked up. My wife Charity and I are going this fall(her friends have a home at the bottom of Sun Valley and can go any non-ski day...)and want to fish the Wood, Spring Creek and any other you mention. Would you please e-mail me @ I have a few questions re the area. Thanks. Glen
  20. Hi Chris, if you don't mind me asking, what color/size stonefly do you have the most success with on the Snoqualmie?


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