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  1. I recently came back from a family trip to Sunriver. I spent a few mornings and nights on the Fall River, super fishing!
    Since then I have been trying to get out a bit more, when work and time allows. I have been having some fun on the SF & Cedar. Plenty of eager bows by the way.

    Today I found myself on the SF near Twin Falls, actually just west the falls. I like many have been hitting this spot for years. Never once have I had a situation like todays.

    As started fishing I noticed a couple soaking in the river. I fished above them not far from the bridge. for about 10 to 15 minutes. As I made my way down stream, I came across the couple and the guy sitting his chair says to me, do you know your trespassing! Me (just after saying hello) with a perplexed I didn't. He continues to explain...Well you are, and the owners are kinda touchy! So I say there isn't a single sign say to "keep out" or "No Trespassing". The guy in the chair then tells me I'm apart of that family and you'll know when a bullet passes ya! oddly enough they did explain a basic property boundary to me and I said thanks for the heads up. I moved down stream for about 15 mins. Needless to say the idol threat on my life was enough to kill the fishing mood.

    So I was on the hunt to try and find out about property lines in King County. I came across this site. If you have ever wondered or are now just wondering about this very subject and didn't know where to look now you do.
    It would seem according to this site I might have actually been crossing into someones property, while walking in the river. After looking at this site the parcel that crosses the river is 9016. According to the detailed report the "Waterfront Access Rights" is listed as "No". I have attached a few files.

    Anyway pics attached, Safe fishing everyone!


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  2. If you accessed the river from public property or a right of way, you are good below the high water mark. If you trespassed to get to the water through their property, then he's right.

    How were the water temps? It's getting to that time of year when the water is low, warm, and not as much oxygen. Nice looking fish.
  3. What Derek said is the state of WA RCW rule of thumb, but there is a catch.

    Was the SF Snoqualmie historically deemed commercially navigable? If not, less than recent land deeds likely do extend to the center of the river. Are they legally enforceable? Questionable. Is threatening a bullet acceptable? No. But still a catch.

    For example my family owns river property above a rapid filled canyon that historically marked the upriver point of commercial activity. Our deed says we own the river bottom out to the center. Do we enforce it on the million rafters that float and happen to graze bottom? Hell no, but that's what it says on our piece of paper.
  4. If you were threatened you should of called 911 and put the property owner in a world of hurt.
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  5. Call the police. F that guy
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  6. I had thought about calling the police. Then thought about the potential impact on others fishing the same stretch of river. Would the property owner turn into a !@#$ and do nothing but harass everyone that fishes there?!

    There are plenty of other places to fish on the SF.
  7. It's your call. Everyone has a right to be on the water.
  8. I am pretty sure the SF was used to float logs down stream after 1872. That is and was a commercial definition. The commercial uses were very broadly interpreted over the years. Not to start a holy war, but there were also cases where mining made a river commercial. It is not just boats and barges.
  9. Thanks for the 411. That's just upstream from my house. I might have a word with him.
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  10. Run ins with landholders is always a bummer,many landholders will try to B.S. You about property boundaries and access. I find it best to move on and not let it spoil the day..
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  11. It's always a bit tricky and people can get touchy about there property. I would guess depending on the situation and the trespasser and the property owner. There are any number of ways this can spin out of control. I took the highroad and moved on.
    If I owned property that butted up against a river/lake or whatever. I would have the proper signage letting users know where the property line is. I would never have anyone in my family say what I was told, provoked or not. I would never put a sign up that says (I have seen a few recently) you will be shot if you trespass.

    Anyway, I have not gone back and have found a few nicer quieter spots to fish up the middle fork.
  12. Just tell him he's wrong and that the only illegal thing that happened was his threat of violence. Then keep roping bows right in front of him.

    We should all bring camping chairs up to that part, plop them in the river this weekend, and sit there all day. Let the dude whine all he wants, he's in the wrong.
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  13. I was on the S/F Stilly, just up stream from the Blue bridge We were fishing the river and all of a sudden this broad started screaming at us that we were on her property. I was just about in the water way below the high water mark. I just shouted that I was legal and she doesn't own the river bed. She then started out that we crossed her property to get down to the river and I told her I came down next to the bridge and that was county property. She shut up after that.

    I went back to that area several more times but never heard a peep out of anybody. I have always fished up river from there. Some times it was good fishing and some times I would of been better off just to swim in those deep holes

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