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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by streamer7, May 1, 2013.

  1. streamer7

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    New member here. Also, new to fly fishing saltwater cutthroat. Last couple of weeks have been excellent fishing and I've been fortunate enough to get into quite a few fish. Made several trips and haven't been blanked yet. Most of the fish have been in the 8-18 inch range with most running around 10 inches or so. I was also pleasantly surprised to stumble across a nice resident coho on the last trip! The rezzie ran about 16-17 inches.






    Inch and a half chum patterns have been working well. When the bite was really crazy poppers were also eliciting a few bites.

    Looking forward to spending some time on here and contributing whenever I can.

  2. golfman44

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    Great fish man!
  3. Jonathan Tachell

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  4. Steve Knapp

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    Nice looking fish brother, that's awesome. Welcome, there's tons of good info on here.

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  5. High Flyin

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    Well done. Good looking fly. Simple but looks to be effective.
  6. Upton O

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    Well done.
  7. Roger Stephens

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    Wow great fish and photos! It looks like you are "dialing in" the sea-run cutthroat fisheries quickly!

  8. Don Freeman

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    Can't tell from the picture, but did you notice if the fish was fin clipped? Probably just the adipose, but could be ventral marked as well.

    DFW is evaluating hatcheries is why I ask.
  9. Eyejuggler

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    Awesome report! Glad to see you have a blast and it looks like it will only get better!
  10. streamer7

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    I attribute my good luck to just that... Luck. I think I happened to stumble across a couple of very productive beaches and learn them quickly. Hopefully that has reduced the learning curve a bit. Still have some more exploring to do.


    All the cutthroat were adipose fin intact. The rezzie silver happened to be hatchery, and a definite surprise. No hatcheries or net pens near the beach.

  11. Chester Allen

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    Nice report and beautiful fish!
  12. Don Freeman

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    Thanks. The cutthroat will be unclipped, as the population in the sound is all wild. Unfortunately, the opposite is true of resident coho, as the limited wild stocks of coho don't seem to residualize. WDFW is working on a project to mark the coho differently at each hatchery to to track where they're from, and where they go. They'll be asking the public to report the markings on fish to concentrate on more successful programs.

    I for one will unselfishly catch all I can.
  13. Rich Schager

    Rich Schager You should have been here yesterday...

    "" The rezzie silver happened to be hatchery, and a definite surprise. No hatcheries or net pens near the beach."

    Matt, the rezzie silvers roam all over, and don't stay near their home hatchery or net pen except towards spawning time.
  14. streamer7

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    Thanks Chester. Your book was also helpful and got me to thinking.


    You're already getting me all worked up for those South Sound silvers. If it is on par with last year's decent return, it will certainly be another productive year. I will definitely be bringing the fly rod more often.

  15. Alex MacDonald

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    Outstanding, Matt; I'm jealous!
  16. John Weston

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    I live in Olympia, Carlyon Beach, I have never fished the waters down here, only the north part, Tacoma area. what fish are here now if any. salmon, steelhead, coho, what. am still fishing the rivers but would like to know what's here. yes, I fly fish. thanks. oh, getting ready for the pinks next month, Browns Point, here pinky, come to my woolly bugger. lol.
  17. Greg Price

    Greg Price Love da little fishies

    Wish I could rub some of your luck on me. Fishies flee when I step into the salt.
  18. John Weston

    John Weston Member

    Greg, I am not lucky either. I have to fish hard to catch anything. lol. sure would like too know what is down here in the Olympia area. going to the Nissqually Sat. on the fort lewis range to see what's in there.
    can't wait for the pinky's to show up. way too much fun. have a great 4th everyone. tight lines to all.
  19. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Nice! Thanks for the inspirational pics and report!