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  1. I decided to give the gas tank a rest and forgo the usual Olympic Peninsula trip this past weekend. My other mid-winter diversion for the past several years has been fishing cutthroat, resident coho, the occasional blackmouth, sculpin, and even the rare and elusive starry flounder in the South Sound. Though the wind certainly made casting a laborious affair, the persistance paid off and I managed to catch several 10-16" coho along with a few good-sized cutts as well. I fished a couple of better-known haunts--the Narrows and a beach not far from where Mary K. Letourneau has taken up residence since her brush with the law a few years back. I managed to abbreviate my fly selection down to #6-#8 all white or gray/white clouser and the suprisingly effective (for everything) olive woolly bugger--go figure? Tides are important, but are somewhat of no-brainer for the Narrows as there typically isn't much casting room fishing anything but a few hours before or after the low. As for anywhere else, find a beach you like and fish when you have the time. Productive tides seem to vary from place to place. If you haven't explored our wonderful Puget Sound beach fishery yet grab your 5 or 6 wt, an intermediate or stillwater line and see for yourself. Release those cutts unharmed!
  2. Boxcar,

    I couldn't agree with you more; flyfishing the sound has comprised about 80% of my flyfishing for about the past 4 years. Don't know why it never dawned on me before, but I didn't discover this fishery until I checked out a copy of Steve Raymond's "The Estuary Flyfisher" from my local library. There is plenty of beach access all around the Sound and Hood Canal for everyone. Just look for a somewhat protected bay or inlet with a rocky bottom along with little breaks in the shoreline structure (i.e. shoals, sandbars etc.) and within a mile or so of a freshwater stream. Remember - all wild Cutthroat MUST be released unharmed. Fish barbless!!

    Since I live an equal distance between Mary K's current residence and the spot you referred to, I fish there quite often. In fact, I experienced success similar to yours on Tuesday using a #8 pinkish Euphasid pattern (light pink Scintilla for the body, pink Krystal Flash feelers with the butt end pulled over everything to form a spine, burnt mono eyes, fine gold ribbing and a heavy bead of head cement along the entire spine to give the impression of a shellback - killer pattern!!!) I've experienced great success later in the Spring using a Clouser tied with a white Angel Hair body and a peacock Angel Hair back with Umpqua non-toxic eyes in a size #6 -it kinda-sorta resembles a Herring fingerling or something.

    Can't wait for their returning cousins 'round about October...5 to 7 pound Silvers on a 6wt - DY-NO-MITE!!

    Release All Wild Steelhead
  3. [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-09-01 AT 07:47 PM (PST)[/font][p]I have been fishing the south sound for many years and this winter's coho in the range of 12" to 16" has been out standing. found a place back in wollachett? bay that is a great producer on a high tide. also been picking up a few cutts. using flies similar to both of the post on this thread. created some variations of some patterns and work well also. TIGHT LINES ALL
  4. Sounds good! I am in Seattle.....I'll process the PayPal now.
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