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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by doublebluff, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. I grew up in the Seattle area, went to school at the U.W. in Fisheries, and worked at a couple Salmon hatchery facilities in college and during summers. I used to don a dry suit and dive into the juvenile ponds at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery and vacuum up the poop... but that's a (disgusting) story for another day.

    Traveling to some of those hatchery jobs was the last reason I ever crossed the Narrows Bridge. Until today. Probably a 30 plus year gap. That's kinda scary. The last time I went over there was only one bridge. I remember the wind howling across the span, trying very hard to push me into the oncoming traffic. I have no idea when the second bridge went in.

    But today I was driving back to Oregon from a business/family trip, and I went to the other side of the Sound to try for some cutts. Rained like a sumbich the whole time I drove down the interstate, but it was OK when I fished. I have never caught a cutt on saltwater with a flyrod. Found a beach that people had talked about on this forum, and went down on an outgoing tide. I used a chum fry imitation, stripped in short jerks, and worked any kind of tide rip that materialized. Caught two wonderful cutts and lost a third. I couldn't have had a better outing.
  2. Now that's the kinda stuff I like to hear! Good on ya, mate!! :)
  3. Nice work Doublebluff, thanks for the report. Spring is a great time to enjoy the South Sound, so many places to explore. I was fishing the beaches of the Narrows 2006-2007 when the second bridge was being constructed, and it made me worry about future development.

    I hope to finally meet you during salmon season this year. There are some decent day time low tides predicted.
  4. DB, was that you on Case Inlet this am?
  5. I wish- I was sitting on my butt in my office.

    Hope it went well-

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