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Discussion in 'Salmonfly.net' started by Flyjunkie, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Flyjunkie

    Flyjunkie Hunky Dory

    Howdy folks... Perhaps someone here can help me....

    I am interested in tying up a selection of Jim Prey's OPTIC Steelhead/ Salmon patterns.. I have Hooks that will be close enough.. But I am running into dead ends constantly looking for SPLIT BRASS BEADS for the Optic Heads...

    I can't seem to Find them listed anywhere.. and searching Hardware supply websites gets me zilch in the way of them....

    Does anyone Here Know where I can purchase a sizable supply of the Split Brass Beads?????

    Any & all assistance is greatly appreciated....

    Merry Christmas to everyone as well.....

    DEAN ~~~
  2. bumppo

    bumppo New Member

    Hi, been looking myself with no luck. If I find some, I'll let you know. By the way, what hook have you selected?
  3. FT

    FT Active Member

    Try craft stores. If the ones you check out don't have split brass beads, just buy larger sizes of brass (gold) bead chain and split them yourself. It really isn't very hard to split the brass beads on the larger sizes of bead chain, especially since they are already split (granted, they have the split closed around the little brass wires that go between the beads to make it a chain) and open rather easily with a small flat screwdriver.
  4. garthman

    garthman Member

    I recently purchased some of the split brass beads to tie optics myself. Cascade Crest packages and distributes them, so if you can find a Cascade Crest shop you may find some. I wish I could remember who I purchased mine from but I cannot. HTH.


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