Spokane area this weekend.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mx610ktm, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Working in Spokane for a bit and I will be in the area for awhile. normally go home on weekends but thought I would see if anyone is looking for someone to fish with the 8th or 9th. never fished the area other than the Spokane the other night. one scrappy little brown to hand but looking to explore either st joe or north fork of courdelane. I really want to check out Kelly creek but don't feel like driving that far. I didn't bring the boat so would just be wade fishing. let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. Vladimir Steblina Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working

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    Everybody that fishes should hike up Kelly Creek to Cayuse Creek and fish in that area.

    I have never been a great fan of the St. Joe, but that only might be because I wrote the Wild & Scenic River plan for it. Nothing like work to change your opinion of a place!!

    Next time bring a float tube!!

    If you go to the North Fork of the CDA hike to the National Recreation Trail and walk in....that's a pretty spot.

    I am living in Wenatchee now......so can't join you for the outing.
  3. bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

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    Why the sour taste for the St. Joe?
  4. Vladimir Steblina Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working

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    Not sour.....Kelly Creek is just a nicer river.

    I tried to find out how St. Joe made the original list for study rivers under the Wild and Scenic River Act. I think it was for the lower St. Joe also known as the Shadowy St. Joe. Now that stretch is a cool river. However, after the EIS battle there was NO WAY anybody was going to revisit that decision!!! So the upper river was eligible and got classified and I got to write the management plan.

    The part on the National Forest is just a typical Idaho river in the panhandle in my opinion.
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    thanks for the info. what about st. maries. Is there a quicker way to Kelly creek then going down to Lewiston and over by Orofino and up.
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    Trout Creek road out of Superior MT will take you over Hoodoo Pass, where you drop into Idaho. The road follows the NF Clearwater downstream to it's junction with Kelly. You can also cut over to Kelly sooner via Deception Saddle/Moose Creek.
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  8. slim Fish or Ski...Fish or ski....fish!

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    My guess would be that Hoodoo Pass is not open yet, also flows in that area are running lower than normal right now, but still pretty darn high to fish.
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    I would pass on Kelly this weekend. Generally does not drop to fishable flows untill July. I agree that Hoodoo is probably not open yet. Fish the NF CDA, its been fishing really well and offers easy access to some awesome water. Cutties up to 20"! Shorter drive and great fish... watch out for Moose and other wildlife if you hike into any of the wilderness areas, i have had several encounters with some aggressive wildlife!

    Congrats on the brown in the Spokane, those are the Unicorns of the Spokane! The Spokane is a very unique urban fishery!
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    thanks to all who have responded and the heads up. Should be a good weekend on some water I have never fished.
  11. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Another option might be the St. Regis in MT. Kept eyeballing that river on our drive back from the Big Horn trip and it was looking as good as I'd seen it... if the wife hadn't been so tired, I'd have stopped at a couple of the very easy access points.
  12. Kaiserman content

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    There are some real pigs in there, but they (the big ones) will test your skills for sure! Anyone who has fished it will agree. Those trout spook easier than the most jittery carp.

    The St Joe sucks now, unless you like sharing the river with the entire western United States, ... everyday, even when you hike in past Red Ives... clear up to the lodge... :eek:
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    Ditto on the fickle nature of the St. Regis... that river was brutal to me. I saw a few pig Cutthroat but could not get them to play. I've only fished it a few times, but both attempts ended with me driving to other nearby rivers (nearby meaning an hour drive) to get into better numbers of fish.

    Pretty stream though.
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    Thats the truth on the CDA, I had had some close calls with moose and elk there too. The deer will just about come up to you to pet them.

    And I'm jealous, I still havnt hooked a brown on the Spokane, good work! Speaking of, that river has been putting some nice fish out this week.
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    i quit going to the joe bout 5 years ago. too many people! mike w