Spokane F 2 F Swap II

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by jessejames, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. OK boys and girls here we go again. Back by popular demand Spokane Face to Face swap Sponsored by Westslope Fly Shop.
    This time we are going to do Stimulators!!!!!!!!!

    Tie up your favorite Stimi, or experiment with a new idea. New materials, rubber legs, small, big whatever use your creativity.

    We will limit the swap to 12 participants.

    The Deadline will be MARCH 20TH a Tuesday night. We will meet at the shop at 6.00 pm for Pizza, beverages and a lot of laughs.
    Sign up now


    1. jessejames
    2. LD
    3. Kevin Mahoney
    4. Chad Lewis
    5. Bustin Dise
    6. Mike Berube
    7. Kris
    8. Pfitz
    9. Ed grey
    10. Dan Ferguson
  2. That sounds like great fun!We need something like this over here.
  3. Had to change the date, I realized we had a conflicting meeting at the shop.
    Sign up now.
  4. I am in.
  5. Come on and sign up you are going to appreciate having all these stimis when the rivers open for those Westslope Cutthroats.
  6. Jesse, Spokane's a long drive for me, especially on a Tuesday. Can I join the swap with a mail-in order?
  7. skype it ^^

    I guess ill play the stimi game as so long as i can tie the makeshift stimulator of my choice. im using foam.
  8. Anything goes for the stimulator.. PMX, Stimi, Foam is fine, be creative.
    Chad Because you are in the "flyshop deficient" part of the state we will welcome your mail in submission.
    You could come up for the swap stay the night and we could fish Wednesday and Thursday and .......
  9. Cool. I'm in, and I already have the fly I'm gonna tie. Would a size 10 or 12 be better for the redbands (TMC 200R hook)?

    The fishing offer is very, very tempting. I might be the first guy to ever call in sick at the Kennewick REI because the fish are biting :rofl:
  10. Chad I think either would be fine. Because the 200r is 3x long I prefer the #12. But I will fish whatever you send in.
    I think if any company would accept that excuse it would be a company like REI.
  11. Jesse,

    Count me in.

  12. Welcome Mike I will let everyone know how many bugs to tie when we close the sign up.
  13. Kris is in we have a few more slot left who is next?
  14. Sounds like a good excuse to tie something and come see you guys.But you had me at the pizza and beverage part!
  15. Fitz your are in. I know the refreshment part gets some participants. But there are some people that actually do this for the flies.....lol
  16. We will leave the swap registration open for a little while longer but if you all want to get started lets tie 10 bugs each. No Rulz stimulators.
    Deadline March 2012.
  17. Jesse, Count me in. Don't know what I'll tie, but it will be at least as good as that Berube guy's. Dan
  18. Dan is in and now we got a little competition between two tiers. A FLY SWAP SMACKDOWN....
  19. That was fun. Thanks Jesse and all who participated. Great flies!
  20. Great time Jesse! Thanks Again.

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