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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by jessejames, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. How about a Spokane Area Face to Face swap??
    Open to all levels of tyers.
    Tie your favorite proven trout fly.
    Due date February 2 2012.
    We will meet at 6.00pm on Thursday Feb. 2 at Westslope Fly Shop to exchange flies and have some Pizza and Northern Lights Micro brews.
    Sign up through December 31 and we will know how many bugs we need to tie by Jan 1st so you will have a month to tie them up.

    Who's In...
    1. Jesse Clark
    2. John Clark
    3. LD Steve
    4. Dustin
    5. Blake Harmon
    6. Mike Ediger
    7. Kris (signed up at the shop)
    8. Brandon triploid junkie
    9. Stewart
    10. Chis Lum
    11. Guy Gregory
    12. LT Ryan
  2. Sign me up... Will make me park my behind in front of the vise.
  3. You know im in. How many flies?
  4. Dustin we won't know how many for awhile We will let sign up happen until the end of December to get lots of participation.
  5. Blake do you actually fish for trout The rules say proven!!! ha
  6. This would eliminate me as I neither fly fish nor catch anything when I do, but if that stipulation can be waived, I am in.
  7. On second thought, you never stated what had to be proven. I have a few patterns that have proven to be worthless.....just sayin...
  8. :rofl::rofl:
  9. I did not say when it was proven Mike you can use a pattern from when you used to actually fly fish. Or maybe somebody you know willl let you copy a pattern they they use and fish.
  10. So Jesse, what are you tying for me?
  11. You are signed up your on your own now...
  12. I'm in. I think I'll tie my favorite emerger pattern. In the wrong hands it could be dangerous.
  13. Put me down. I'll have to get out of my Thursday night taxi driver duty, but that shouldn't be a problem.
  14. i am tying


    i expect the rest of you to be along these lines...


    and im gonna go head downhill and test your flies out now. cya.
  15. Nice dustin. I will take a dozen of the Crawdaddy pattern too.:thumb:
    Stewart "Thursday Night Taxi Driver" sounds like a good name for a killer trout pattern:rofl:
  16. I am rarely "creatively inspired", but I am getting a visual on this one. Of course it wouldn't be proven though.
  17. We have a few more slots available join the fun.
  18. nice crawfish

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