Spokane F 2 F Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by jessejames, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I'm in, Jesse.
  2. wish it was mine, hoping some1 is that good in spokane!
  3. One open slot who else wants to play?
  4. Count me in!
  5. Jesse, I think you may have counted me twice Kris (Signed up at shop) and Chris Lum
  6. Nope different Kris Looks like we are full.

  7. okeedokee here is the plan boys!
    Tie up 12 of your bugs all the same..
    Put a toe tag on each one so we know who tied them.
    It would be nice to bring a recipe to the final swap time if any one wants to tie up a bunch of your winners.
    Have them all ready by Feb 2nd.
    Be here at the the shop at 6.00 we will have pizza and cold beverages for everyone.
    Bring a few bucks to put in the kitty to offset our expenses for food and drinks.
    I will be checking occaassionally to see how you are doing and if you need any encouragement.

  8. Got mine done you are going to like them definitely old skool.
  9. Gents-

    At this point I am not sure if I will be able to keep my commitment. I messed up my thumb skiing on Sunday and may require surgery. Right now I don't know much other than my right thumb is nearly useless. I'm thinking I'll still show up for the swap and offer you the opportunity to pick from stuff I've already tied.

    I thought I was glad that my thumb wasn't broken until the doc said it appears I have a torn ligament... This Sunday I was going to get my first shot at SRCs, instead I'll probably be reading a book or watching TV.

  10. Bummer deal on the thumb! I take one of those comparaduns you were tying up those are nice I will use it as a pattern to tie more.
  11. I have to start over. Was more or less done, then found this morning that one of the cats had gotten into them and ate or otherwise made them all disappear. I hate cats. I hope they die a slow, painful death.
  12. Geez if they ate the hooks you might get your wish.
    I feel the same way about cats.
  13. B, you got the excuse wrong. its dogs that eat things!
  14. OK, Jess, I'm gonna give you a run for the most old school fly... maybe a Herter's award or something.. looking forward to it.

  15. Ok Guy your on.
    When I was growing up I memorized the Herters catalog.
    Remember every item was "The worlds greatest" lol
  16. See y'all tonight!
  17. :thumb:
  18. Jesse, thanks for holding the swap. Some great ties and company.
  19. iagree...thanks for the great time! :thumb:
  20. We had our meeting last night and we had a good group. Great flies and the bonus was that we each got to tel how we tied and how we fished what we each brought. Good pizza some micro-brews and fishing, doesn't get any better...
    Thanks to all that participated stay tuned for the next swap announcement.

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