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  1. I have a couple of days here - any place to fling a fly, or save my license money for somewhere else? Like Twisp? Headed there in a week, can anybody give me some advice for that area? I read somewhere that the Methow has few residents?
  2. Sure, head to Twisp, it's only about 180 miles. I would head East if that's your range. Nobody here in the Methow. No indoor plumbing either.
  3. If you are in the Spokane area northen Idaho would be a lot closer,
    The Methow is still high but it is fishable. Good luck
    Kelly Michelsen

  4. This area has never been discussed here, ever. :)
  5. My second favorite activity as a kid was peeing outdoors on trees.
  6. This is true. More streams in Idaho and if he's a NM resident a non-resident license in WA is about the same cost as a non-resident license in ID.
  7. Either direction is fun. Twisp is great, but so is the St. Joe in Idaho.
  8. The man is from New Mexico. He was just asking for a few places to fish. You all could of been friendlier. I glad that I don't have to ask on here for places to fish. I damn near know where they are all at. Except over on the dry side.

    Not that the Methow is a secret place to fish.
  9. The Methow is very high for wade fishing and many of the runs and holes are raging torrents as are many of the eddies. That said, I have had good fishing the last two weekends. But, unless you are up for lots of exploring, one needs to know what few spots may have fishable water at this flow or float it and hit the small pockets of soft water. I floated it with a guide buddy yesterday and caught some nice 15-17" westslopes and a 19.5" wild resident bow along with a slew of 10-14" shakers - all on dries. But, not one of those fish came from spots that can be accessed on foot, at least not at these water levels (3700cfs). I hit a few spots last weekend on foot (5500cfs) and only one spot produced but I landed 8 in 30 mins. and missed a bunch more. A friend hit the same spot the next day (but later in the day) and got skunked so the fishing isn't as reliable as it will be once the flows come down. The river is dropping though so I'd keep an eye on it and decide at the last minute, or as others have said, check out ID or even MT as you'll have the same or shorter driving time.

    Have fun wherever you go!
  10. Here fishy fishy, you have plenty of options right in town unless you really want to travel or are looking for something specific. Check your pm and give me a call if you want to chat.
  11. If you're ok with nymph fishing the Spokane holds feisty fish. Silver Bow fly shop has some great guides that will get you into some of them.

  12. Yep....that's where you should go
  13. Not going to Twisp till next week, but will probably go up into the hills around there and look for some brookies or cutts till the big river comes down. 3700 is a little intimidating. Oh, and it's my husband and I and we're getting old and feeble, so can't fight those big currents like we used to.
  14. And yes, it was right in Spokane I was thinking of fishing - it's such a good-looking stream.

  15. Just because info wasn't spewed on the main page doesn't mean she wasn't given some. :)
  16. There is nothing secret around Spokane, is there.
  17. I'm not sure when this was posted, I'm probably late. But a good place to wet a line nearby would be the North Fork of the Coeur D Alene. It is around a 2 hour drive from Spokane and a day license is only about $12. Paved road all the way with westslope cutthroats running alongside. Not a bad way to spend a day.

  18. Based on the "old and feeble" bit, be careful wading the Spokane. Basalt is slick as snot, granite is grippy. Water deeper than knee to mid thigh has a lot of force and might send you swimming. I'd avoid stretches within a mile or so of downtown if you'd be uncomfortable seeing transients. I haven't fished it yet this year, but have several friends who have been catching plenty of nice healthy fish. The parts that look fishy, are :)
  19. I was across the bridges downtown yesterday and wouldn't be tempted to try to get down to it. Is upstream less of a canyon?

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