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  1. Rattlesnake Creek is the name of hundreds of secret creeks around the world, I know this. The creek I'm writing about actually goes by this name, and flows through a neighborhood of the same name, in the busy town of Missoula. I read that there are 6 miles of water to fish before an 8-mile stretch of closed water near town, and I've set about trying to fish as much of it as I can. As a trout stream in Montana, I must say it sucks. It flows through backyards, with growling dogs, skinnydipping families (I awkwardly walked by using a side-channel), and pot smoking teenagers. It also holds a nice population of small trout. 4 miles from my house and almost never fished, this is an urban fly fishing paradise. I'm glad to have a place like this for occasions when my car breaks down or I have 2 hours to fish. If this stream were in Connecticut or Maryland, I wouldn't be posting about it. But we have thousands of miles of better water in Western MT so who gives a shit.
    Do you guys have a cool spot nearby that's no big deal to get out and fish? Not looking for a fishing spot, just stories.
    P.S. If you're ever stuck downtown/UM Missoula without a car or much time, bring your 2wt up the creek and have fun. And give anyone who challenges our stream access law the finger.
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  2. I have this little creek that runs in front of my house in Dillon. Blacktail Deer Creek. It has Brown trout in it. I'd fish it but it's to close to home. I also have the Beaverhead about 5 minutes out my back door. It's rough having such quality waters so close to home.
    I'd much rather drive a little ways to some better water. Like Big Sheep Creek.

    I'd go fish the Upper Ruby, but there one hell of a fire up in Eureka Basin right now. Last time I looked at the fire map it was at about 5500 acres and growing. It's burning across the ridge of the Gravelly range. And I think the area I like to fish is in the fire zone.
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  3. We had a fire pop up last night at 40 acres. Now it's over 3000 with a huge plume of smoke rising above town. And they are way short on firefighters.
  4. There are some man made creeks near my home that just happen to have trout in them, its amazing how people don't take advantage of the gold mine flowing through there back yard!
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  5. I'll say it for the majority of the people in Washington, Puget Sound! Some of the best fishing close to home is in the salt.
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