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  1. Which arrow in your quiver is your go-to SRC set-up?

    I started out with my custom 690-2 RPL and it worked great but, because I did not build it with stainless components, I was too concerned about the salt screwing it up -- even though I flushed the daylight out of it after each use. I then bought a Sage VT-2 -- it was OK, but didn't seem to have the backbone of the RPL (still love the action of the RPL).

    Sportco was having a great sale on St. Croix rods last spring and one of the Legend Elite ESW 906.4 caught my eyes. I parking lot tested it, in a light rain and moderate breeze, with who knows what cheap line, and it was a rocket. Since this was an impulse purchase, I asked if they'd throw in a renewal of my annual membership and the deal was done.

    I've have matched it with a gunsmoke color Lamson V2 and Cortland's camo intermediate line. It's a ton better than the VT-2 and even a whisker better than the RPL.

    So what is your SRC set-up and the story how you got there?
  2. A really underrated rod imo, I used the Elite 5wt for cutt and rezzies for....I think for 3 or 4 years and it was a good light, fast rod for the salt. I rinsed it thoroughly after use and never a sign of corrosion and it wasn't even a salt water rod. It's been replaced with a Winston 9'6" 5wt biimx which is a more powerful rod and the length helps me out from the beach. It works great with a 40+ intermediate, Rio outbound hover or floater. I couldn't ask for a better beach rod for cutts and rezzies. I use the same rod in a 6wt for silvers and pinks and it's also landed a few chum with no problems, being a discontinued series you can still find them for around $400, which IMO, is a steal and well worth the money...

    Edit: I forgot, I use the old Redington GD reels on all my rods except CFO's on my light rods.
  3. echo 2 6 weight rod, with a rio 40 plus weight forward intermediate sinking line.
    A lamson guru saltwater reel. ( that is anodized with a sealed drag to resist salt. )

    I am going to try and get 8 weight rod for chum and salmon this year, either reddington or echo.
    what do you guys think of the lamson koni reel ?
    I am trying to get the most for my money and the math says I can get a konic and a spare spool for the same price of just guru reel

    139 $ for konic reel, vs 259 $ for guru reel.

    do you guys know of any other good saltwater resistant reels ?
  4. Been using a 5wt. Sage RPL (9 foot) for years. I think it works great. I recently put a Airflo 40+ intermediate on it. It works fine, but I wouldn't mind trying a 4wt line. I now have been using a Rio Grand WF dry line for it which casts pretty nice. Years ago I used a 10 ft. sink tip which I really wouldn't mind going back to. I've been using that rod for years. I have started looking for a possible replacement rod, but not sure which at this point. I would like to try the 5 wt Orvis Helios with probably a medium action.
  5. 6wt NRX with a 7wt rio grand or 7wt outbound intermediate if its windy or if there is a chance bigger fish might be around, otherwise its a 5wt allen Xa with a 6wt grand on it.

    For reels i have a bunch of old Orvis reels laying around that I use for SRC, if there are pinks or bigger fish running around I have a lamson and a hatch reel.
  6. i have a konic and it seems fine, i havent had any trouble with it, the only thing that really pisses me off about that reel is how it comes apart. You push on the spool pretty hard from the back and then the spool pretty much shoots off. And I know one of these days its going to hit the concrete and bend and I am going to be angry. I wouldnt buy another one just for that reason, but otherwise the reel seems fine.
  7. Pretty much dedicated to my SRC setup, 6wt 9'.6" Sage One and a Lamson Speedster with one spool of intermediate and one a floater. Simple and bombproof.
  8. I also have the Legend Elite 6wt built for the salt and yea, it is a fun rod to fish, and it handles sink tip lines well IMHO.
  9. Sage VXP 4wt.
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  10. Now yer talk'n Jonathan!!! I was considering going to a 4wt. at least part of the time. I don't understand people wanting to use a 6wt. and 7wt. !!! I like to feel the rod bend!!!!! :)
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  11. I use a 6 wt. Sage Xi2 with A Ross Gunnison 2 and Rio outbound.
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  12. I use an Orvis Hydros 9' 6wt, Mirage III reel and SW All-Rounder line.

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  13. If it was only for targeting src's, I'd go with a 9' 5wt. A 5wt with a small fighting butt would be even better.
    For dual purpose src and coho a 9'6" 6wt is hard to beat.
  14. I've been using a konic for my saltwater setup and it seems pretty bombproof. From what I understand, it uses the same sealed drag system as lamson's other reels. I say go for it!

    Paired my konic with a RIO outbound short with a clear intermediate head and a floating line as well. Works great on my 6wt 9ft TFO Bob Clouser rod! :D I've even landed a hatchery steelhead on the setup.
  15. If i think a coho or pink might also be possible; 9'6" 6wt Sage Z axis, Ross CLA loaded with SA streamer express. Rio outbound floater on spare spool. If not; 9' 5wt Sage VXP, Ross CLA, SA Stillwater clear intermediate. Floater on spare spool.

    A 4wt would be a lot of fun.
  16. I've used a 6 wt. for Pinks often but seriously, if you plan to release them, you might consider a 7 or 8 wt. so you don't tire the fish out so much. I used a 7 wt. most of the last run and while my arms got a little tired, the fish at least had a chance for survival. It's one thing to catch and release but still another to release and kill. Remeber, the hook-up is what counts.
  17. 697-4XP, 3300D, Outbound Short w/10' polytips.
  18. Oh yes, forgot to add the La Gloria Cubana.
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  19. As you know Larry, I totally agree with you and Jonathan but you have to remember a VXP or XP 4wt is really a 5wt and will cast a wf5f line better than a wf4f line, it's the same with my biimx 5wt, it's basically a 6wt. Sage has been doing this for years.... Simple, you build a nice 6wt and print 5wt on the blank....Bingo you have a super fast 5wt.
    I'm sure some will disagree but it's worked out well for Sage, and others have followed this idea, faster is better.

    Now that shooting heads are in common use it works out even better because the rods designated line weight (5wt) matches the line's designated weight (5wt or grain wt) and everyones happy, but everything has just been made heavier than the original AFTMA called for. Make since?
  20. Yeah I own almost all sage rods and I really enjoy fishing them because they are light and have a fast action. As stated above since they have such a fast action I usually over line them going one and sometimes two sizes up. I enjoy fishing a four weight for cutthroat because like Larry said at least they put a bend in the rod and you get a bit more of a fight out of them instead of the typical small run then pull them to you.

    As for pinks they are well, pinks. A six weight handles them fine and in a timely fashion. I have caught them on lighter rods and still did not have the fight last more than a few minutes. If you fight them aggressively and and keep them off balance its usually a short fight.

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