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  1. I have never fished for SRC in rivers before. Some things I am curious about are: how high up the rivers they will go? I am in the Seattle area and will sometimes go for steelhead in the NF Stilly or Mainstem Sky, but I would try the lower rivers if they are better. Also, I have heard they will take a fly even in high, muddy water which is a good time NOT to fish for steelhead. Does anyone have any experience w/ this? Also any favorite flys? I was wondering about egg patterns because of all the salmon in the rivers right now.

  2. I know they tend to like bright flies, and I've heard most patterns you use for steelhead will work. I'm not sure if they are more active than other species when the rivers are high and muddy. I alsi heard a rumor that on the Snoqualmie above the falls there are resident landlocked cuttthroat. Again, I'm not sure if this true or not, but i heard the beaver dams are supposed to be good. I know in the Green river they follow the Salmon up Soos creek, but beyond that I don't know. hope this info helps.
  3. By coincidence, a few weeks ago I ran into Les Johnson who wrote a Book on SRC. He was fishing for SRC on the Stilly. He rowed his boat over to me and gave me a few of his flys. They are called Reverse Spiders. I did not recognize him but when I mentioned that I just bought a book on SRC he asked me whet it looked like, he then mention that he was the author. I ran into him again a few weeks later and we talked some more. The SRC have been in rivers like the Stilly since September. After talking to him some more on how to fish SRC, a summery would be "Fish the still water and cast into the bank or river edges under trees and next to obstructions. Keep your line tight at all times" I tried this method and I caught a nice SRC on the Sky last weekend up river from the cracker bar.
  4. I can attest to the fact that SRCs do in fact bite in high, muddy water. I fished a small stream last weekend that was pretty much chocolate milk due to recent rains. I could see the SRCs cruising upstream, and got a couple to bite as they were swimming past me. I even saw one sipping BWOs off the surface. Pretty interesting to see fish that large in a tiny creek. Too bad it closed on Wednesday.
  5. I have always fished the lower Stilly in Sept and Oct for SRC. It seems the best time is when they harvest the corn. I like to fish the bar below Silvana tavern. I've tried the reverse spider but no luck. I've had better luck on small flies like BWO. Parachute style.:TT
  6. Oh, man, do they like reverse spiders, and Knudson's spider. On a float of the lower Stilly in september, they ate mine up.

    They are also said to be partial to muddlers, as they look like to sculpins that are found in rivers and tidal areas. Apparently they are a favored food of SRCs.


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